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Mercury Retrograde June 2014

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde three to four times a year and the retrograde energies last for a period of three weeks. Even though Mercury Retrograde cycle is for three weeks, we will feel Mercury’s shadow a week prior to the cycle and a week after the cycle has ended. Mercury’s shadow period is like the teaser before the real deal. It slowly creeps up on us and makes us wonder ‘hmm, what is going on this week?’ and our world feels really slow all of a sudden. The pre-shadow period prepares us for Mercury Retrograde entrance and what life will be like for the next three weeks. During the Mercury Retrograde period (like all other planetary retrogrades) we feel as if life is in slow-motion and stale. Right before Mercury Retrograde ends the three week cycle and goes Direct, we begin to feel as if life is once again moving-forward. Just when life is on the ‘go’ again, we are hit with a post-shadow teaser from Mercury for one more week. The post-shadow can actually be more aggravating than Mercury Retrograde because here we are thinking we are out of the Mercury Retrograde loop and on the ‘move;’ but suddenly gets pulled backwards again. So, it feels like we are tugging and pulling with Mercury’s post-shadow period. It is like Mercury Retrograde just does not want to leave, or at least not leaving without a fight. Once the post-shadow period has passed, Mercury is once again moving direct (green lights) for a few months until it goes retrograde once more.

The Deal Behind Mercury Retrograde

Mercury in general rules communication, technology, creative-thinking, siblings and children, traveling, and contracts. Mercury is also a fast-quick moving planet that is full of energy. When Mercury is direct (moving forward), our mind is going full speed; any form of communication is on point; technology is working great; and transportation is a breeze. Nothing really seems to be blocking or interrupting these areas. However, when Mercury goes retrograde, these areas in our lives goes backwards it seems. Communication, traveling, and technology all seem to be disrupted or at a halt. We feel like we are not talking right, our mind is moving slower than our mouth, we are not saying the right words to make our point, and even emails and text messages are not transmitting. Traveling is delayed due to traffic for no apparent reason and/or car issues. Technology is a big one during Mercury Retrograde. You will notice that your phone, computer, microwave, anything electronic are acting up or breaking apart. While these all sound maddening, Mercury Retrograde can be rewarding and enriching rather than be frustrating and irritating. Mercury Retrograde is a period of slowing down in the area of communication, technology, traveling, and contracts. It is not a time of ‘go-go-go’ and wanting everything to go quickly and fast. Rather, it is about applying the “Re” in retrograde. The “Re” are:

During Mercury Retrograde, we are advised to take a step back from our busy lives and reevaluate ourselves and review where we are at in our lives. We are advised to revisit any old projects and tasks that were left unfinished. We are advised to reread our emails and text messages before pushing the ‘send’ button because there can be miscommunication in our typing. Make sure you read contracts thoroughly before signing or making a big purchase. Before you travel, make sure you double check everything and your car is good to go. So, with anything to do with communications, traveling, contracts, and technology, just make sure you are going over them carefully and paying attention to all the little details. It is not wise to make a big decision or start a new venture during this time, but if you have to just be cautions and apply the ‘re’ in retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer June 7th-July 1st 2014

Mercury will go retrograde in the sign of Cancer from June 7th through July 1st. Remember, we will feel Mercury Retrograde energy a week prior to June 7th, so that means Mercury’s shadow will come in on June 1st. With Mercury Retrograde being in the sign of watery Cancer, do watch your emotions this period. You may find yourself being more frustrated and emotional towards technology, communications, traveling, and towards siblings and children. Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Cancer can make you more crabby, sensitive, emotional, and stubborn. So bite your tongue if you can to avoid making a miscommunication bigger than it is or not get too emotional when you are running late or things do not go as plan. Do what a crab likes to do best: retreat into its hole until the storm is over and while you are being a hermit it is a good idea to rethink, review, reevaluate and revisit any old ideas and projects so that when the Mercury Retrograde period is over, you are renewed and refreshed and have a new way of thinking and getting things done.

Retrogrades is all about looking inwards for a short period of time so that we are rejuvenated and full of new energy for whatever is in store for us in the future.

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