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Mercury Reimagined - Mankind's last hope for survival

Mercury Reimagined
Mercury Reimagined
Credit Mercury Reimnagined Roleplay

All this has happened before. It will happen again.


Battlestar Galactica ® roleplay lives on in Second Life ® at Mercury Reimagined, the group dedicated to recreating the universe of BSG as portrayed in the BSG series recently ending its run on television.

Mercury Reimagined is dedicated to an immersive experience. As such we begin the first of an ongoing series of articles on BSG roleplay, from the perspective point of view of Peter Ulrick.

Mercury Reimagined invites you to become part of the most intense rp you will find in SL.

BIO: Peter Ulrick

Status: Political dissident

Colony of Birth: Sagitaron

Family Background: Father was a miner, became upset with working conditions, became a union organizer. Became a target of the Mining Federation for his outspoken views and ability to stir up the workforce against the Mining companies. Died in a mining 'accident' during a cave-in, had been sent back to check for toxic gas levels in a deep core shaft when the roof caved in. Body was never found, mine was sealed and closed after the accident.

Significant Others: None living

Character Personality & Traits: Peter is very intelligent, having studied law on Sagitaron. He is very bitter over his father's mysterious death and tried for 10 years to have the investigation reopened. He broke into the Civil Defense Ministry to obtain the sealed report on his father. He was captured and sentenced to Life in prison for treason. No trial was held, he was summarily declared guilty and imprisoned. Peter blames the government for his father's death, and his mother subsequently dying of a broken heart. He scorns government authority and vowed to make those who buried the truth over his father's death pay.

Skills: Good public speaker, able to sway people to his point of view. Incited riots in the Sagitaron prison. Very intelligent, computer literate. Able to handle a weapon although never served in the military. Well organized mind, able to reason out a situation for best results when he puts his mind to it.

Peter was paroled from prison only weeks before the Cylon attacks on the colonies, and talked his way onto a transport ship by impersonating a low level government official. Once onboard he quickly made contacts both above and below board to ensure his continued rise into authority within the remaining Colonial Fleet.

While having a conscience of sorts, Peter never really reveals his true feelings and position to anyone. His ultimate goal is to control the government he despises.

Follow the path of Peter Ulrick, and all of the fine cast of characters in the Mercury Reimagined rp universe. Contact Hanna Kestrel for an invite to the group, and help save humanity from the Cylons.

Coming Next - The Quorum of 12

So Say We All.

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