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Mercury Re-enters Aquarius + Amanda Knox Selfie Spoofs Go Viral

Amanda Knox Selfie Parodies from around the world on Twitter.
Amanda Knox Selfie Parodies from around the world on Twitter.

An interesting thing happened when retrograde Mercury re-entered Aquarius on Wednesday, February 12th. I had written about what would occur in my Weekly Forecast.

I wrote:

Wednesday, Feb 12 2014
Mercury Retrograde Enters Aquarius

Mercury is still retrograde so there are no doubt many computer/email/wesbsite glitches going on. The big news on Wednesday is that Mercury will re-enter Aquarius again. Mercury left Aquarius on Jan 31st and started a new phase in Pisces which lasted until today. Now that Mercury is going back to Aquarius, an old story or issue that you may have been dealing with in January will come back into your life. You may need to re-do, re-start, re-establish etc. something that you worked on until Jan 31st. . .

On Jan 31st when, Mercury was at 0 deg Pisces, the world news reported that Amanda Knox's (and Raffaele Sollecito's) conviction for the Murder of Meredith Kercher was upheld.

Mercury moved on, went retrograde, and returned to 0 deg Pisces on Feb 12th 2014. On this day parodies of a picture of Amanda Knox proclaiming innocence went viral.

Mercury rules news reporting and exchange of ideas (communications). Pisces rules photography and film among other things. Neptune is also a very creative influence. Fashion ad trends fall under Pisces as well. Zero degrees is considered a public degree, when things may hit the public eye or world press/social media. A retrograde Mercury indicates going back to something or re-doing, repeating or re-living somehow.

On this day when retrograde Mercury reached 0 deg Pisces Amanda Knox tweeted a serious looking picture, holding a sign which said in Italian, "We are innocent" imitating an Al-Jeezera campaign to free journalists imprisoned in Syria. Soon after the creative influence of Neptune spread around the world as people parodied Amanda Knox's selfie.

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