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Mercury moves Direct, Mars goes retrograde

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Well, at this point maybe spend the weekend resting and recovering from this bumpy, bumpy Mercury Retrograde we've experienced for the last three weeks because, hey, it’s done! We spend the weekend with it stationary, but by Monday it will begin to be moving.

(Yes, oh my, most of us have had tests of patience and faith galore....but how else can the soul learn to relax into surrender?)

Mercury went direct yesterday in a dramatic way: accompanied by a strong and beautiful New Moon in Pisces (and tied to Jupiter, the ruler of good fortune and expansion).

So what's it all mean?

Well, the release into the New marked by Mercury’s shift occurs with GREAT vigor. The New Moon acts like an exclamation point. It may take a week or two, but certain things may just fall into place organically, that would be a waste or energy to solve today.... but they are close.

Ripeness approaches.

Yes, the retrograde motion of Mars today and Saturn on Monday will definitely slow things down and make sure they are done slowly and methodically. But the forward motion of Mercury and Jupiter will be undeniable, even if tempered by the retrogrades. Two paradoxical energies at once. Enjoy the ride.

So here’s the rare line-up. Between this Friday and March 6, Mercury and Jupiter go DIRECT tied to this New Moon, while Mars and Saturn retrograde.

We round a major bend.

So just sit tight wherever you can a bit longer, rest, relax and prepare... a big opening is on its way.

(Altho even much more reveals after May 9 when Mars direct too).

Those who have been patient and aligning with this slow, slow opening to the Horse Year may finally receive an initial shipment of cosmic apples and hay...

Let your mind be supple and receptive.
let the planets do their thing.

In other words, patience, patience, relax, gratitude, receive.

(And maybe clean a room or two. If you’ve read “Outrageous Openness” you know what I’m talking about. Great time to read this if you haven't yet.)

Let it all unfold!