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Mercury continues its journey backwards

Hi, Everyone,

Mercury, the planet of communication, continues to appear to move backwards in the sky. It has now re-entered the cerebral air sign of Gemini. The tone is less emotional, as it has left the sensitive water sign of Cancer.

However, Mercury is the natural ruler of Gemini, so it will certainly produce more complications and glitches with all forms of transportation, written, and verbal agreements.

Problems with electronics, cars, and computers, will be pervasive. There will also communication problems, so avoid texting or email on important issues, which could be misconstrued.

Unfortunately, there is still an incendiary and explosive tone in the air. Mars continues to rage against the recent Grand Cross, and it is approaching the planet Uranus, which represents chaos and upheaval.

Use this energy to let go and break free of things. This is preparation for transformation. However, it is unpredictable and uncomfortable in the process. So, expect the unexpected and be flexible with your expectations of situations right now.

Life will be a lot easier for all of us if we try to go with the flow. This energy is very similar that of the mid to late 1960's when upheaval and chaos led to enlightenment, albeit in a volatile way.

"The Road of Excess leads to the palace of wisdom" -- William Blake,

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