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Mercedes is the best restaurant you've never heard of

Don't miss the wonderful breakfast at Mercedes in Northglenn!
Don't miss the wonderful breakfast at Mercedes in Northglenn!
Getty Images/Dennis Gray/Cole Group

Sweet baby Jesus this place is good. It’s, unfortunately, also the kind of place you could drive by a million times and never notice. It’s tiny and blends in with the surrounding businesses, except for a large “BURRITOS” sign. Follow that sign.

The majority of Mercedes’ business seemed to be takeout (the line was out the door) but if you can get a table, it’s worth it. The service was quick and their chips and salsa were fantastic - homemade chips that are reminiscent of sopapillas without the sweet, and a solid salsa offering. And yes, you can have them with breakfast. Try not to overindulge though, because you will want to have plenty of room for the main course.

The huevos rancheros were, to put it lightly, amazing - a big, messy plate of eggs and green chili (vegetarian, fyi), and plenty of beans and rice. Their chorizo is homemade and goes great with eggs and more green chili. The point is, get the green chili. It’s also very likely that you’ll have leftovers.

Mercedes is in the middle as far as price – it’s no McDonald’s dollar menu but you won’t break the bank. Breakfast for two runs about $15-$20, depending on whether you have their daily special or not. It’s a great place to recover from a night out, or just to have a delicious breakfast that’s not the same old pancakes.

The Little Things:

Can you wear sweatpants? Sure, go ahead. If you're one of those people that likes to get dressed when you go out in public (I don't understand you), but you still want to eat in your pajamas, get the takeout.

How far would I drive to eat there? Forget stars - what you really need to know is how long I'd be willing to sit in the car to eat there. Mercedes gets a solid 15-20 minutes. For comparative purposes, I'd drive about 2 minutes for a McMuffin. And I like McMuffins.

Location, location, location: 11165 Irma Drive, Northglenn, CO 80233 -or- the southwest corner of 112th and Irma, between a UHaul and a carwash.


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