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Meow Box: Review

Meow Box is a subscription box service for the kitties and really, why not buy your cat a gift? Our cat always loves these boxes! The one thing that he went nuts for was the Twinkle Whack and Forth. There's a picture of it included with the attached slide show. It makes a noise and has blue lights. He clearly loves to play with this thing at night, while others are sleeping.

Meow Box

It's still cute to watch him play with it though.

The March box contained the following;

  • Catnip Stickers (Scratch & Sniff) @
  • Feline Dental Treats: Salmon @
  • Paw Lickin' Chicken Treats @
  • Skinneeez for Catz Chicken Toy @
  • Twinkle Whack and Forth

The Meow Box is a cardboard box of cat joy and if you'd care to try it for yourself, one month costs $25.00 and is a flexible, month-to-month plan. You can pay for three months for $70.00 and 6 months for $135.00.

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