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Menu terms and culinary quick bites

A Few Menu Terms


Confit ("cone-FEE")-A classic way of preserving food. Meat is simmered in fat, salt and spices until very tender. This is often done with goose, duck and pork.

Au Poivre ("oh pwav")-This means "with pepper." Usually meat or fish is coated with coarse, crushed black peppercorns before being cooked.


Aioli ("eye-OH-lee")-Garlicky mayonnaise.

Arrabiata-In Italian, this means "angry", but in food terms, it means hot and spicy.

Brown Butter-Butter's cooked until it turns brown and has a nutty flavor.

Pesto-Finely chopped herbs mixed with oil to make a sauce; Parmesan cheese and pine nuts are often ground into the mixture. The sauce is then tossed with pasta.


Cajun-From Louisiana, with a spicy flavor and containing tomatoes.

Creole-The flavor you get by mixing veggies like okra and tomatoes with a little cayenne pepper and a brown roux.

Tomato Concasse (kon-cah-SAY)-Simply chopped fresh tomatoes.


Confetti-Chopped, multicolored items. For example, a confetti of vegetables might be chopped red and green peppers, carrots and red onions.

New Potato-Small potatoes with red skin.


Field greens-A variety of lettuces-anything but romaine or iceberg.

Culinary Quick Tips

Freeze leftover juice from canned fruits in small containers or ice cube trays for smoothies.

To get the most juice out of limes or lemons, roll them on the counter while applying pressure before cutting. Then, twist a spoon into the flesh to get every last drop.

Additional Info

Want to try new foods but need a recipe? Go to

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