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Menu For The Week; headache solution and wonderful holiday gift

Using your table for more than a "catch all"..eating as a family will create happier healthier kids
Using your table for more than a "catch all"..eating as a family will create happier healthier kids
Have a sit down meal with your kids

The day has been hectic, driving children here and there, helping them with homework, doing all the household chores, getting things planned for the holidays,and then you hear that dreaded, "Mom, what's for dinner?" Had you even considered what you were going to make for this particular meal, or had you secretly put it off completely? Were you hoping someone would suggest take-out? With the help of a wonderful business, Menu For The Week, your meals are planned, your grocery list is done, time and money are saved, and you can still sit down to enjoy a wonderful dinner as a family.

In today's age, time and money are both tight commodities that no one is willing to part with easily. Menu For The Week has come up with the most amazing solution, saving us on both. Every Thursday, Menu For The Week, sends you an email reminder to down load the weeks menu, and the head ache is spared. This service is easily paid for in the first week. Subscriptions are low, and can be made up for with one saved trip to a restaurant or money wasted on take out.  

Included in your weekly menu are five meal ideas, one brunch recipe, a dessert recipe, and an entire grocery list of everything you will need. Not only is it a detailed  shopping list, it is also written out by the isle or section of the grocery store you will find each item. This saves both time at the grocery store, as well as trips back to the store for missed items.

The meals that are planned for each week, by Menu For The Week, are both kid friendly and easy to make. Each meal can be ready in 30 minutes. Not only can it be ready in 30 minutes, you didn't have to decide what to cook, again! Which is also fabulous considering that most people get into a rut, forgetting to add variety when they are trying to come up with menus last minute.

Sitting down at the dining room table as a family, enjoying a home cooked meal, is one of the most precious times of the day to be spent as a family.  Dawn Billesbach, Menu For The Week, founder has given us the stress-free version of meal planning. Before this article was written, this service was tried out, and thoroughly loved.  

Looking for a fun gift giving idea for teachers, neighbors, grandmas, friends, sis-in-laws, or just anyone on your list who could use a little extra time in their lives? Menu For The Week offers a fun gift giving idea. 

Their web site is for more information on saving time and money!


  • Angie 5 years ago

    So cool! sounds like such a neat program, will definatly look into this. Thanks

  • Jane 5 years ago

    What an amazing program! My husband and kids ate almost all of our meals as a family when they were growing up. This teaches such great values. In our world today, having a menu available solves one of the dilemmas moms/dads have to face.

  • Doug 5 years ago

    Saves money, Plans ahead, keeps family together at least once a day, takes the "what do you want for supper (dinner if you didn't grow up on an Idaho farm) issue" out of the equation, and provides good wholesome meals for the family. What else could one ask? I remember trying to feed our kids at the evening meal; for the daughter mac and cheese and a hot dog (minus the bun) was always the only request. The son would eat anything put in front of him. He never tasted it anyway - just three big gulps and off he went. Not sure which child was the easiest to please!

  • Jenny 5 years ago

    I love this Menu for the Week service. It really helps me plan ahead so i'm never scrambling to find dinner. it's so frustrating to come up with meals each night. i'm glad you wrote this article because this service deserves the attention.