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Mental illness or religious experience

Religious or health concern?
Religious or health concern?
Keith A. Little

Many people feel that what they are going through is a religious experience and not a mental illness. A good way to counter this type of thought, is to look at the facts with them.

If you have a mental illness, what you will portray is symptoms, and if you are having a crisis of faith, you will portray certain things as well. Best to look at the facts first. A crisis of faith isn't usually the end of the line for you. Most religions have a way to reconcile yourself. A mental illness will not go away so easily.

If you find that your symptoms are not going away after you have done the acts needed to reconcile yourself in whatever way your faith asks you to do, you may find that taking a look at the symptoms of mental illness to be the next step.

Sometimes someone you know might feel that even though the evidence shows them they are not going through a crisis of faith, they still may believe they are. By going through the symptoms of the mental health disorder that a doctor or therapist might feel your loved one has, you might find some answers, and easy ways to explain to them what they are really going through.

Don't expect it to all come make sense at once, but it will come clear with time and patience
. When you weigh all the evidence at once, it can be easier for someone to accept that what they are going through is treatable, instead of something of doom.


  • Joshua Roth 5 years ago

    I like what you have to say about that. It's important to make that distinction. Keep the good articles coming.


  • Ann Day 5 years ago

    Have you ever seen the show "Psychic Kids"? The kids on that show are sometimes labeled crazy and sent to psych units. Later they find out they are psychic because they find missing people the police can't find or tell people things no one knows when they talk to spirits of dead relatives. I think sometimes people are labeled as mentally ill because they are hearing voices. They may believe this is a religious experience and are really psychic. It is hard to convince people of this until there is something they know where it becomes undeniable there is no other way they could have known. In one case a psychic was put on the stand in Slidell Louisiana. A woman's brother was missing and she went to this psychic in California. The psychic said for the family to get on the road and drive right then to Slidell. When they were on the freeway they saw the brother's truck. They followed the truck and the men admitted to killing the brother. Milwaukee Dental Health Examiner

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