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Mental health in relation to faith

Reconnecting with your faith can be a good thing for your mental health
Reconnecting with your faith can be a good thing for your mental health

There are many positive and negative things to take into account when diving into faith while working through a mental health disorder.

When we are in a state of crisis, we can interpret many things differently than they actually are. It is important to be able to have someone help you when you are reading faith based materials during this time. We can just as easily misinterpret what we are reading just as we are misinterpreting the things happening around us.

Other than that, faith based materials and organizations can be very encouraging. It is always great to have fellowship with people who can encourage you as you are working through a difficult time in your life. Many faith based organizations are active in the community of mental health recovery, and are very aware of the struggles that people will a mental illness go through.

Today we live in a world where mental health is becoming more known as a treatable disease rather than an untreatable curse or demon possession. With an understanding, that someone can be treated for a mental illness just as someone can be treated for diabetes, the faith based world has heard the mental health community and within many faith based communities, there are whole branches dedicated to mental health.

To learn more about mental health and religious organizations in your area, contact your local faith based organization. You might find that many are there waiting to help you.