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Mental health recovery and tough situations in public

Come back to the places where you've struggled and you will find peace.
Come back to the places where you've struggled and you will find peace.
Diana M. Little

For those who have a mental health disorder, facing certain situations in public can be a difficult task. Everybody makes mistakes and sometimes we can all perceive a situation the wrong way.  For someone with a severe and persistent mental illness, this can be one of the most difficult things you face because it can happen much more often than anyone would want it to.  Your reactions to these situations can also be very difficult as well.

When we face these situations, the first reaction many people have is never to return to the scene or see the people we have hurt, ever again.  When on the path to recovery, one of the biggest steps we can take, is to overcome this hurdle.  By returning to see the people we had acted out in front of, we are overcoming our fear of one very important fact in recovery.  That fact is that we are going to make mistakes, we are going to face people we know and love and hurt them, and sometimes we are going to take things the wrong way and act upon those thoughts.

By returning to those situations, we are taking the important step in recovery that helps us understand that no one is perfect.  When we go back to those we hurt and apologize, or even just try to forget what happened, you may find that the person you hurt will tell you that age old expression, "no one is perfect."  It is in that reassurance that we can overcome our fear, and return to those places, and to those people and find reassurances that we can focus on how to overcome our difficulties, and not so much what others think about them.

Someone great once said, "It isn't what problem you have in life, because we all have problems.  It is how you are facing your problem that matters most."  So face your fear head on, and tart your way towards recovery.