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Mental disorders: A punishment from God

Photo by Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images

There has been many different views on mental health and religion. Some people feel that a person who has a mental disorder is cursed or being punished by God. This keeps many people, especially in the religion community, from discussing mental illness. Here is some food for thought, a loving God is not about cursing people. Depending on your religious belief the source of adversity differs greatly. The truth is everyone has adversity in some form or fashion; it is a part of life. Having faith in someone bigger than yourself, is a source for hope. Many studies report that people who believe in God are less likely to have depression. However, it does not say they will not develop depression and many people who develop depression believe in God.

Your spirit and body are connected; but, they are not the same. Just like your brain and lungs can not function without each other, neither can your spirit and body (mental capacity) exist without each other. And while they are dependent on each other when one has an ailment, that does not mean the other does.

So does that mean that God is punishing you if you develop a metal illness. My response is no. While God has the whole world in His hands; He has given us free will. We grow and develop through adversity, even in mental illness. It is all for His Glory.

Our great nation allows you to develop and hold your own belief. So if you believe something different that is your prerogative. However I would encourage you to open your heart to other's challenges with mental illness and view it as the illness it is; as if it was an illness in any part of a person's body. Not as a judge, but as a compassionate human-being. Talk to your friends about their mental illness and the process of healing they are experiencing.