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Mental Awareness - Gut Feelings!

Is everything in its right place or are things abnormal? Be mentally aware of how things should be. Here are some examples of items to keep a mental check on:

  • What were the conditions of your house when you left? Did you leave lights on in the house? Which ones? Were the drapes or curtains pulled? Was the TV left on? Were any windows left open? What doors are normally left open or closed? Are all objects in the right or same place as when you left the house? Does anything look out of place?
  • What condition was your vehicle in when you left it? Were all doors locked? Are all doors still locked? Was a window left open at all? Do you look inside your vehicle before getting into it? When you get into your car after leaving a store, do you notice a vehicle that seems to be following you?
  • Does a specific person seem to be out-of-place (how he/she may be acting, may be dressed, may be communicating, etc.) for a particular location you are at or in?
  • Is there supposed to be someone in a building where you are at a certain time of day?

These are just a few situations that people have typically told me that they never considered or did not want to make a big fuss out of, for fear that their "gut-feeling" was incorrect. And, I am not suggesting that you should call 911 every time you see someone who may not fit in with the specific environment, at the moment. But, I am suggesting that it is OK to be skeptical of certain situations. It is OK to listen to your intuition/gut feelings - these are your personal safety alarms!

These are just a few mental awareness concepts. Make it simple: Look up, look around, think about what you see, hear, feel, smell, and taste. Then use your common sense and intuition to evaluate your observations. Then act accordingly!

I really want to stress that it is difficult to cover every possible personal safety scenario in these brief articles. So, please feel free to submit questions about a specific situation you may have heard of or personally encountered. I would enjoy helping you to "find" the best possible answer to your question!

The next article will move on to more awareness concepts! Until then, remember…..

One Body, One Life, One Choice- Be Smart& Be Safe!

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