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Mental awareness for personal safety - part 2

Mental awareness may prevent the need to use physical self defense!
Empower Training Systems, Inc.

This is Part 2 of a series of articles covering Mental Awareness as it relates to self defense. Following are some additional questions that may address various aspects of mental awareness.

What activities are happening at a particular destination? Are there any special events or activities happening, that could affect travel to a certain destination? Think about what happens in a city after a professional team wins a championship. Think about what happens in a city after certain legal decisions are made on high profile court cases. Think about what happens during various public holiday celebrations when alcohol may be involved. We should learn from past experience. Why take an unnecessary risk – if there is a chance for trouble, stay away! The best self defense is recognition and avoidance of potentially unsafe situations or conditions!

What options are available to deal with existing and/or potential situations? If you recognize what is happening or what could happen, you can better prepare a self defense plan to deal with a problem. Could travel plans be altered in some way to avoid a potential conflict? Could an upset customer be handled without escalating the problem? Could a problem situation be discussed with a spouse or child without escalating into something that creates negative feelings for everyone involved?

Mental awareness can help us to recognize problems or potential problems, plan appropriate personal safety responses and possibly provide the opportunity to develop some creative problem solving skills, which could be used in all aspects of work-life, home-life, or school-life!

Who is around you? How many people are around you? Do they seem threatening or friendly? Know who is close by and how close they are. Make eye contact with people around you – this creates recognition (they know you have seen them) and can possibly be a deterrent to an unfriendly act. Knowing who is around and where they are, is crucial to the physical aspects of self defense. Is there anyone close by who could help you if problems arise? How many aggressors or potential aggressors are there? Where are they located? These are things you need to know in order to make good self defense decisions and plan proper personal safety responses.

The next article in this series about mental awareness will cover the subject area of becoming aware of the physical characteristics of people! Until then, remember…..

One Body, One Life, One Choice- Be Smart& Be Safe!

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