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Mensa's 3-year-old Alexis Martin youngest ever to join Arizona chapter

The first Mensa 3-year-old member for the Arizona group is a little girl named Alexis Martin. She's already accomplished some amazing things, and CNN via KPLR shared the details on Feb. 17.

Mensa is a group of people who all have a high IQ, and it seems the Mensa 3-year-old is said to have an IQ of over 160. Martin's parents say she taught herself Spanish, and she can recite her bedtime stories. Alexis' father Ian Martin says she's been able to recite entire stories of 20 to 25 pages to them since she was 12 to 18 months old.

Fox 44 shares that when doctors tested Alexis, she was off the charts and they couldn't truly calculate her IQ score. She reads at a 5th grade level already, and used an app on her family's iPad to learn Spanish. Now she can read, translate and correct her parents in Spanish easily.

What lies ahead for Alexis Martin after becoming Arizona's youngest member of Mensa at 3-years-old? Her parents and doctors admit they've got some challenges ahead, as traditional schooling probably isn't going to be a fit. So far, though, it seems Martin is doing pretty well learning in her own way.

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