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Mensa 3-year-old: 160 IQ 'unbelievable,' Mensa member young and simply brilliant

Latest member of Mensa, brilliant little girl
Latest member of Mensa, brilliant little girl
Twitter, NewsOxy

A Mensa 3-year-old girl is breaking records as the youngest new member to join the prestigious community with an IQ over 160. Called by experts as simply brilliant and an “unbelievable” case, Alexis Martin is making waves along the Web today in becoming part of the Mensa organization at such a young age. NewsOxy reveals this Monday, Feb. 17, 2014, that this gifted girl is already able to read fluently, has taught herself Spanish, and is capable of memorizing bedtime stories in a flash.

The 3-year-old girl and Mensa member is named Alexis Martin, and her parents have a very real reason to be proud of their young daughter. This brilliant child is said by her father Ian to be capable of doing things that almost everyone her age has not even become close to grasping yet, including learning a new language on her own, reciting extended phrases, and reading at a markedly high level. Ian Martin added that the apps on the iPad, particularly those in foreign language, have proved useful in enhancing his daughter’s advanced thinking prowess.

The unbelievable child is thought to have an IQ well over 160. In fact, amazed doctors who recently tested the 3-year-old Mensa member said that she scored so high on the critical thinking exam that they were unable to gauge her IQ fully.

Alexis was noted by her parents to begin reading capably at only 2 years of age.

“Probably 12 to 18 months or so we’d be driving around in the car and she would recite her bedtime stories from the night before. I mean we’re talking 20 to 25 page books, she would recite them from the night before but not just recite them, recite them exactly.” Ian said. “She can read and translate and correct us on Spanish”.

At this time, Alexis is thought to be at a fifth grade reading level. The Mensa 3-year-old girl managed to learn Spanish from studying on her parents’ iPad app. However, her parents soon realized that while their simply brilliant child is indeed a great gift, such intelligence is also posing some new and unexpected challenges.

“Does she go into kindergarten early? We are kind of hesitant because we do want her to to get that social aspect,” added Ian.

Due to her advanced IQ of 160 and unbelievable thinking ability for her age, doctors who tested Alexis Martin feel that this 3-year-old girl should never go to a normal school; instead, she should be offered a specialized program instead. To put it simply, she is too smart for the regular education system offered by schools today for a majority of students. At the same time, doctors are also aware that these types of children can also suffer from extreme anxiety, so social growth is equally important.

The Mensa society is viewed as a way for her and others like Alexis to engage in advanced intellectual discussions and opportunities.

“Anytime she learns a word and just picks it up through anything, she never ever uses it in the incorrect context, ever,” concluded her father Ian. “It’s amazing.”

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