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Meningioma in cats

Keep me as long as  you can
Keep me as long as you can
Karla Kirby

Meningioma is a type of brain tumor that is found in cats and it is the most common form as well... In cats, these tumors typically develop after ten years of age. Understanding warning signs of meningioma can help you get the best veterinary care as soon as possible

The membranes that line the skull and the vertebral column are called meninges. Meningioma is a tumor of these tissues. The expression brain tumor is erroneous because these tumors can build up outside of the skull along the vertebra. Providentially, meningiomas are benign and do not spread to other parts of the body

Seizures take place in felines but they may not be as obvious as with their canine counterparts. Seizures vary in length or frequency of occurrence and severity; they may not even be noted in the cat until the cat has been checked by a veterinarian for other conditions or symptoms. Seizures can be treated with medicines such as potassium or Phenobarbital.

Many cats will show signs of out of the ordinary or nonstandard behavior. Some cats may walk in circles or appear to drag their toes as they move about. Other cats may walk with a distorted gait. Pressure caused by the tumor on the nerves and brain will set off these changes in behavior. The site of the tumor can also make some neurological symptoms more noticeable than others

Depending on the site and harshness of the meningioma, some cats may be come partially or completely blind which could be temporary or permanent.

Surgery is the most excellent treatment choice for meningioma. Since it grows around the outer layers of the brain and spinal cord, removal is remarkably easy as compared to other tumors that can be further entrenched in the brain tissue. In felines, meningioma tends to have a rubbery texture. This helps in its removal during surgery.

Sadly, cats do not live forever, but we can help extend their lives and have them around a little longer with close observation and help from their veterinarian.

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