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Mend Winter Skin With Udderly Smooth

Udderly Smooth
Udderly Smooth

If you're anything like me, you skin is probably not faring well with all these Artic blasts happening every other week! I'm c'mon Mother Nature we're not even halfway through winter yet.

But I have a plan. It is a strategic enough that it will work, but also simple enough that I will actually follow it.

  1. Drink a ton of water!
  2. Use Udderly Smooth

I love fru-fru lotions with heavy scents as much as the next girl, but now just isn't the time for that. Udderly Smooth works - it's

Originally invented in Ohio to use on dairy cows in harsh conditions it is now good for both man and beast!

They have hand cream, foot cream, and even creams for just all around dry skin. My mother swears by this stuff saying...

I have never found a better cream than Udderly Smooth. It is gentle on my sensitive skin and has such a great clean scent to boot! I could easily buy the expensive creams sold at department stores and online, but I find that they talk a big game -- while my Udderly Smooth really preforms. Good skin is a matter of hydration, and Udderly Smooth keeps me perfectly balanced! Who would have thought my fifties would be where I would find my best skin yet!

There you have it, the secret to great skin all winter long. So blast the heat, endure the cold, and don't worry about your skin - Udderly Smooth has it under control. For more information visit

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