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Menage a Deuxx: Making Woman feel like Woman Again

for more lingerie go to
for more lingerie go to
Menage A Deuxx

It seems that there’s always a correlation between lingerie and sex. But why can’t there be a correlation between lingerie and feeling like a woman. Have we really drilled it into our heads that much that lingerie is only intended to be worn in the bedroom? I don’t know about you ladies but lingerie isn’t cheap. So it seems kind of silly if you think about it that we spend all this money on a great lingerie set to only sleep in it, or see it thrown on the bedroom floor. But what if there was a retailer that sold affordable luxury lingerie that was intended to be worn wherever you please. (Underneath your clothes of course, unless the whole nightwalkers look is what you’re going for) Thank the lingerie God’s that Menage a Deuxx exists.

Lingerie isn't just for the bedroom anymore!
Drea Ranee Founder/Owner of Menage A Deuxx

This unique online lingerie retailer focuses on making woman feel like woman, and not so much focusing on what the lingerie does for the man. The lingerie at Menage a Deuxx is of course going to make any man very happy, but it’s not about him, it’s about you. Dita Von Teese said “ for me lingerie isn’t about seduction, it’s about being a woman”, and what she said is literally what Menage a Deuxx is all about.

They want women around the globe to take a different view on lingerie and re-learn that it’s not only for Valentine’s Day, or an anniversary, but that it’s for everyday. Wear it underneath your clothes to that important businesses meeting you have lined up, or to that dinner party you have next weekend. It will make you feel confident, sexy and you’ll walk with more a little more oomph.You might also be more inclined to flirt with that guy who's been eyeing you at the bar all night, since you know your wearing your big girl panties.

Lingerie to Menage a Deuxx is about making everything you do as feminine as possible. As woman we take the time to pick out our clothes, decide on a hairstyle and perfect our makeup, so why not take the time to select what we're wearing underneath it all.

Drea Ranee, the founder and ceo of Menage a Deuxx wants woman to wear lingerie just like they would wear any other kind of piece of clothing. She wants to let them know its okay to feel sexy while your grocery shopping because your wearing luxury lingerie underneath it all. It’ll even make standing in line at the post office into something a little more fun, heck everyone will probably wonder why you look so happy to be there. She says woman who wear lingerie walk differently, with more confidence, and evoke a different kind of vibe. And when you wear lingerie it not only makes you feel naturally sexier, but also allows you to become more comfortable and proud of your body. You’ll have fun trying on new lingerie, and it’ll become as exciting as buying new clothes is. Menage a Deuxx believes that lingerie is just as important as anything else. It’s silly to have on such a gorgeous outfit, and to be wearing underneath it all some ugly stretched out panties and a bra you’ve had since your freshmen year of college. Instead let your undergarments reflect who you are; you’re a sexy, confident, and strong woman and not a little girl. So dress like it from head to toe and toss out those strawberry printed panties, please. Why do you even own those? Shame on you!

So what are you waiting for ladies? Head on over to and prepare to stock up on some lingerie pieces that your underwear drawer is in desperate need of. Yes we all love those $5 panties from Victoria’s Secret, but you and your man will also love some Menage a Deuxx in the mix of it all. Trust me I wore some of their stuff at a recent photo shoot and I did not want to take it off! Happy shopping!

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