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Men Without Hats maintain their appeal through three decades of music

Men Without Hats @ the Whisky-slide0
Renee Silverman

Men Without Hats, founded in Montreal, Canada by Ivan Doroschuk and his brothers, used elaborate synthesizers and sampling to achieve their distinctive musical sound. The band reached widespread popularity in the mid-1980s with the song “The Safety Dance” due in large part to heavy MTV rotation and its mass appeal to a new style of music known as new wave. Now, some 30 years later, Men Without Hats are on the road and we got a chance to see them perform at the Whisky a-go-go in West Hollywood on Aug. 27.

Fronted by founder Ivan Doroschuk, Men Without Hats, have maintained their appeal through three decades of music. Still a heavy synth-laden band, MWH consists of James Love (guitar, vocals), Rachel Ashmore (keyboards, vocals) and Lou Dawson (keyboards, vocals). No longer playing keyboards himself, Ivan has taken on the awesome task as front man, lead vocalist and cheerleader, if you will, putting himself out front and foremost.

Men Without Hats has the dubious job of engaging an audience who, for the most part, know the band mostly for one song. Ivan and the band were able to keep the crowd engaged through less familiar tunes and connected with the audience while maintaining a high-level of energy. Notably, James Love, who provided amazing guitar riffs and Rachel Ashmore, on keys, and offering the signature S-A-F-E-T-Y intro, added brilliance to the night.

Men Without Hats achieved international success with a song that obviously won the hearts and minds of its listeners and with that one song they continue to perform as a band, doing the thing they love most. My hats are off to them for sustaining a level of professionalism and high-standards through three decades of music. A level many artists only hope to achieve.

Men Without Hats are currently on tour and coming to a town near you. Check them out and support live music.



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