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Men usually really do like nice women

A young couple
A young couple

There has been a debate for as long as mankind has roamed the planet about whether initial impressions of sexuality or a woman's personality are more important to heterosexual men. In this context it appears of interest to consider a men's rights movement position to stand alongside the women's rights movement when determining the facts herein. Men have feelings too and although they are often maligned for sometimes quickly giving into their normal sexual needs and desires under certain circumstances it appears that as is true of women they are generally still searching for substance in a relationship. Research shows that men really do prefer nicer women reported the Society for Personality and Social Psychology on July 25, 2014.

It is generally found that the emotional reactions and desires of people in initial romantic encounters helps to determine the fate of a potential relationship. Responsiveness has been viewed as potentially being one of those needed initial "sparks" which is necessary to fuel sexual desire and lead to a second date. People often share the feeling that they are seeking a partner who is "responsive to their needs." This type of partner is seen as being someone who would arouse their sexual interest.

A responsive person pays attention to more than just the sexual needs of another person. A responsive person is someone who is also supportive of another's needs and goals. Lead researcher Gurit Birnbaum says that sexual desire thrives on increasing intimacy and being responsive is a great way to instill this elusive sensation over time. In this study men who perceived of female partners as being more responsive also perceived of them as being more feminine and more attractive.

Interestingly women have been found to be are more cautious than men when interpreting a stranger's expressions of responsiveness, and their perceptions of the stranger. Some women appear to interpret responsiveness negatively and they may even feel uncomfortable about a new acquaintance who seems to want to be close. These feelings may undermine sexual attraction to this responsive stranger. However, other women may perceive of a responsive stranger as being a warm and caring person and therefore as a desirable long-term partner. The implication is whether a responsive partner will be perceived of as sexually desirable or not depends on the context and meaning which is assigned to responsiveness.

Birnbaum says sometimes women perceive of a responsive stranger as being less desirable for various reasons. In such instances the woman may perceive of this person as being inappropriately nice and manipulative. If the woman sees the man as just trying to obtain sexual favors in this manner this can be a turn off. And if the man is too eager to please he may appear desperate and therefore not as sexually appealing. Still, like most men the majority of women are generally searching in their own way for someone with substance who may make a good partner over time.

Overall for men responsiveness may serve as a signal that a possible partner is concerned with his welfare and this may therefore increase sexual interest in this person reports Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. This proposition often does not hold true for women. Research has suggested that whether or not responsiveness affects perceptions of partner attractiveness varies for individuals. This has been found to depend on the contextually based meaning which one gives to responsiveness. And so although men and women may have different initial approaches to defining what may make a good long-term partner, their ultimate desires to land themselves in a good relationship are generally shared.

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