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Men, stop hating on Valentine's Day and romance her throughout the year

This couple began their year on a romantic note, He did not wait for Valentine's Day to arrive.
This couple began their year on a romantic note, He did not wait for Valentine's Day to arrive.
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Many women I know are getting excited and are preparing for February 14, Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, a lot of the men I know are dreading the approach of this day. The biggest complaint I hear from men is how they don't need a special day to show their women that they loves them. I also hear that Valentine's Day is very cliché with flowers, chocolates, and dinner. Well fellas, most of the women I know would not even look forward to this day so much if you romanced them throughout the year. Therefore, men if you hate on Valentine's Day here are a few suggestions to add more romance to your relationship so that Valentine's Day will just be another day to her.

Set Aside Frequent Date Nights

Yes, we all have busy lives. Money does not stretch as far as it used. There are plenty of excuses that could be made to not take your lover out on a date at least once a month. You just have to make taking her out on a date a priority. I say this because men make things happen for what they really consider a priority.

If your friend had an extra ticket to the Super Bowl, you would clear your calendar to go. On game day, you probably order a pizza special to be delivered that costs about $30.00 and go out to purchase beer and snacks for your friends, which might be another $30.00. Therefore, for your sports entertainment you will make time for and spend around $60.00 on. If sports are that worthy of your time and money then surely your girlfriend, fiancé, or wife are.

Carve out that time to take her to the movies ($21- $22) and to a restaurant. Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Applebee’s, Ruby Tuesday, etc. all have dining specials that will allow you to eat for around $35.00. You can even skip the movie and just go out to eat then watch a movie at home.

Give Her Flowers Just Because

I will admit that flowers -- especially roses -- on Valentine's Day are cliché. However if us ladies do not get flowers for months or even years we do kind of want them on Valentine's Day. So give her flowers every so often. You can incorporate them into your date night or surprise her with flowers. Have some delivered to her office once, have them delivered to the home, or just hand her a bouquet of flowers and let her know how much you love and appreciate her.

Make Her Toes Curl

Men you may think that you handling things in the bedroom and I am not saying you aren't. However, up the ante and really make her toes curl by adding romance. Play soft music, pamper her, draw her a bubble bath, give her a sensual massage before the two of you become intimate in the bedroom. Give her special nights like this that will leave her glowing with a spring in her step.

These suggestions are easy -- yes I said easy -- ways for you to romance your woman throughout the year. So stop hating and step up your romance game. If you do not, be prepared for her to make a big deal out of Valentine's Day.

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