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Men should start making the distinction between 'feminists' and 'femisandrists'

Just about all women find themselves 'frustrated' by men's behavior from time to time, but there are some women who literally HATE men
Just about all women find themselves 'frustrated' by men's behavior from time to time, but there are some women who literally HATE men

There are a lot of terms men and women use loosely, interchangeably, and/or invalidly. For example, one earlier article in this column discussed how many women tend to use the terms 'chauvinist,' 'misogynist,' and 'sexist' very interchangeably, as if the three terms were accurate and valid synonyms (for the record, they are not). A man who is a misogynist is one who has a passionate hatred of women. A man who is a sexist and/or male chauvinist does not really 'hate' women or even 'dislike' them per se.

A sexist is a man who does not believe in the idea of women holding an equal or superior position to men (e.g., the idea of a woman being a man's boss or supervisor, the idea of a woman being a male police officer's partner; etc.). Most men who are sexists believe that men should be the breadwinner, while the woman should stay at home and cook, clean, and look after the children.

A male chauvinist is a man who simply perceives women as being 'inferior' to men athletically, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Men who are chauvinists are the type who believe that all male comedians are more entertaining than female comedians or that all male tennis players are more athletically gifted than female tennis players.

A man who is a male chauvinist and/or a sexist still maintains a desire to socially interact with women, date women, have sex with women, and marry women. A man who is a misogynist does not want anything to do with women. A misogynist does not want to engage in conversations with women, he does not want to socialize with women, he does not want to marry women, and if he were to choose to interact with them sexually, he would more-than-likely be verbally, emotionally, and/or physically abusive to women.

Speaking of misogynists, and hatred for the opposite sex, many men are guilty of confusing feminists, lesbians, and misandrists. Some women can be all three, some women might warrant two of those three labels, while other women just fall into one of those three categories exclusively.

A feminist is a woman who seeks to have the same academic and educational opportunities as men, the same legal rights and civil liberties as men, the same employment opportunities and salary-earning potential as men, as well as the right to earn the same overall degree of respect as a human being as men. With the exception of a few men who are hardcore male chauvinist types, misogynistic types, and sexist types, it could be argued that the vast majority of men do not have a problem with women who are feminists.

The definition of a lesbian does not need a detailed description. A lesbian is simply a woman who desires to date, have sex with, and even marry another woman. It could be assumed that the vast majority of lesbians are also feminists, but there has been no scientific or social research survey completed that would substantiate that assumption as a definite fact.

Now, we turn our attention to what is arguably the most underrated and least talked about of the three: the misandrist. A misandrist hates men in the same manner that a misogynist hates women (just for the record, a man who hates the members of his own gender can also be validly labeled a 'misandrist,' and similarly, a woman who hates members of her own gender can be validly labeled a 'misogynist'). A woman who is a misandrist wants nothing to do with men. She does not want to converse with men, she does not want to socialize with men, she does want to work for or with men, and she does not want to date, marry, and/or engage in sexual relations with men ... and assuming she is heterosexual or bisexual, and she does indulge in sex with a man, she is going to be the dominant partner, and more-than-likely, she is going to be verbally, emotionally, and/or physically abusive to her male partner.

Have you ever read a blog post or some other commentary by a woman who made it obvious that she was a feminist, lesbian, and misandrist, all wrapped up into one? Or at minimum, both a feminist and a misandrist? We can now refer to these women as 'femisandrists.' A woman who was mentioned in a previous article in this column, the late Valerie Solanas, would probably best personify a woman who was a full-fledged femisandrist. Solanas hated mankind so much, that she ideally wanted to see all men eliminated from the face of the earth, and have nothing remaining but all-female societies.

A small, but very outspoken percentage of the women who co-sign with the "#YesAllWomen" movement have expressed strong opinions that would make many perceive them as up-and-coming femisandrists. These women offer comments that make it known that they passionately despise men, and particularly men who love to dominate women, behave in a sexually aggressive manner with women, and/or are extremely flirtatious and promiscuous with women. There are only two factions of men that femisandrists will not attack too harshly: 1) Gay men and effeminate single heterosexual men who are deferential to women and 2) Monogamy-minded, passive heterosexual men who treat their wives and girlfriends like "queens" and "princesses."

Ever since the Elliot Rodger murder spree happened, I have been reading various articles, blog entries, and tweets where some women have offered comments like, "I hate everything the Attraction & Seduction Community stands for! I hate all Pick Up Artists and men who harass women & try to seduce them!" The femisandrist types need to answer this question: How often will you hear a woman say, "I wish I could go through life never receiving flattering and flirtatious attention from any and all men!! I wish all men would just ignore me and treat me like I am the most romantically and sexually undesirable woman on earth!!"

Hmmmm. Marinating on that one, huh?

Let's be real. The vast majority of heterosexual (and bisexual) women with healthy egos love receiving flattering and flirtatious attention from men. If starting tomorrow, all men on this earth were to totally ignore each and every woman they crossed paths with, and never attempted to flatter them, flirt with them, engage in conversation with them, or attempt to 'wine and dine' them into having sex with them, these women would go absolutely nuts.

It's like a male celebrity who hates the idea of tabloid paparazzi following his every move, but that same celebrity becomes egotistically frustrated when he feels as though he is being completely ignored by the media.

Can men be irritating and frustrating at times? Sure. But so can women.

Are some men guilty of "coming on too strong" with women or being a wee bit too physically aggressive with women? Sure. There have also been women known to 'stalk' men or repeatedly throw themselves at men sexually.

Are there men who are full-fledged misogynists, and wish many women were dead? Sad, but true. Unfortunately, there are a growing number of women who passionately despise men enough to want to physically assault them (see video #1 and video #2) and even murder them.

Men, you need to develop more genuine empathy toward the true feminists of the world. They just want to be respected and earn their fair share of the money pie. They are not really looking to antagonize men or disrespect men.

Be wary though of the femisandrist. These women not only do not like you, they hate you and everything you stand for. This group of women are going to continue to multiply throughout the remainder of the 21st Century, and once they become led by another Valerie Solanas type ... oh boy. Look out.

Manhood as we know it will be in danger.

Alan Roger Currie is the author of a number of books, including Mode One: Let the Women Know What You're REALLY Thinking and Oooooh . . . Say it Again: Mastering the Fine Art of Verbal Seduction and Aural Sex. Currie's latest eBook, The Possibility of Sex: How Naive and Lustful Men are Manipulated by Women Regularly is also available exclusively on in their Kindle format. You can also download a copy of Currie's eBook on your iPhone, Android Smartphone, or other Smartphone.

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