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Men should chase women

Men should chase women because women were meant to be chased. Dating and relationships are just that simple in the book, “Text. Love. Power.” By Vanessa Taylor. The big secret to dating is out.

Taylor goes into this illustrious story that starts out with her discussing her pet rabbit and by the end of the chapter, the reader gets to know Elizabeth, who has made herself easy access to a man she just met. They went out on the typical first date and she didn’t hear from him. Not that shocking considering lots of people have had this experience. But what makes the situation interesting is that after a few days, Elizabeth has convinced herself that she should text the guy just to say, “Hi.” Because that doesn’t seem as desperate as calling him would be. He suggests she come to his apartment to have a “low-key” date. Have you heard these words before? Or maybe you’ve heard, “Come over and chill.” Either way, it’s the same thing. It means, as Taylor puts it, that the guy is not really interested in you and in fact, you are making yourself look desperate to him, which in turn, makes you even less appealing.

So what’s a girl to do? Learn to love being alone. And yes, this applies to the ladies in relationships as well. Men love the chase and it shouldn’t stop just because you managed to wrangle a commitment out of him. Keep yourself as a priority and your relationship should remain full of adrenaline from the continuous chase. It’s not a game Taylor is speaking of, but a strategy to keep yourself in control while letting your boy toy, boyfriend or husband, think he’s holding the reigns.

Saturday and Sunday in Kansas City promise to be as beautiful as last week with the high toping out at 75 degrees Saturday and 77 on Sunday. Make sure you ignore the man in your life a little bit for the rest of the week, so that by Friday night, he’ll be ringing your phone off the hook to take you out because he will think, just maybe there’s a possibility you are not as in to him as you use to be. And when you get the call, make sure and tell him to take you to Drunken Fish on Friday for Friday at the Fish in Power and Light. Then Saturday, tell him you want to go somewhere that has a patio, like Bravo in Zona Rosa or Mosaic in Power and Light. Both places made’s best outdoor bars in Kansas City list. Then to top the weekend off, go see Mike Epps at the Municipal Auditorium Sunday night. Express is having an amazing 60% off sale now, so go get something that says, “I’m too beautiful to sit in your apartment doing nothing one more night.”

Until next time Kansas City.


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