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Men's World Cup promises to be the most connected in the history of the sport

The Men's Roller Derby World Cup has taken strides to be the most connected and informative in the history of the modern sport. Some of these are simple, others are clever, but they all promise to connect the fan to the action in a whole new way.

  • Seven languages. While every bout will be broadcast in English, each one will also be broadcast, in its entirety, in a second language. The specific language will be tailored to the teams competing, and those languages include Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Japanese, and Welsh.
  • The Live site. This page has all four(!) embedded streams, live updates straight from the scoreboard, and the LiveTable and LiveBracket updates.
  • A broadcast with a studio. There will be a main host to guide the audience through the tournament, explaining the slightly complicated structure, as well as taking care of interviews with skaters, coaches, and experts over the course of the tournament.
  • Brackets on the broadcast. When a bout ends, the announcers will be able to show, not just tell, what that result means to the rest of the rest of the tournament, ensuring it won't be hard to follow.
  • Tweetcasts. Not just one per track, but a play-by-play and color tweeter for each track. @MRDWCRDCtrack and @MRDWCQSStrack are the two accounts for the two tracks, each of which will be covered jam-by-jam, powerjam-by-powerjam, and win-by-win. Besides the tweetcasts, @MensRDWC will be available for general fan feedback and discussion.
  • Instagram. The tournament wants to show its fans enjoying the derby from home, around the world. The best way to do that is through instagram, where photos tagged with #MRDWC have the chance of showing up in the broadcast!

All this is from the tournament itself! Keep an eye on Rollin News, D For Derby, and DNN for updates as well, as it promises to be a very exciting weekend!

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