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Men's Style Movies

Men should define themselves, not be defined by women, machismo or other men
Men should define themselves, not be defined by women, machismo or other men

Men are fallible beings that balance a fine line between strength and weakness, doubt and confidence, firm and gentle while carrying the appearance of masculinity that has its own stigma of forcefulness. It is often difficult for young men to find their own true individual character and not fall into the temptations of "machismo" or become a misogynist among other men and women. That is why, developing a sense of style is important.

"Being a good actor isn't easy. Being a man is even harder. I want to be both before I'm done." --James Dean

Using movies as visual aids, here is a list of Men's Style movies where the protagonist displays a sense of style:

  • The Edge, 1997: Anthony Hopkins embraces the wild and to survive being stranded in the wilderness, while Alec Baldwin embraces Hopkins' wife and being a shallow, heartless hustler.
  • All is Lost, 2013: Robert Redford battles the sea by fighting through thinking on how to survive and get out of danger.
  • Ocean's Eleven, 2001: George Clooney shows his style by being a thieving bank robber that knows how to drink, dress and plan a casino heist.
  • Lombardi, 2010: The HBO documentary that highlights the coach himself with which the Super Bowl trophy is named. His style was faith, football and family.
  • The Grey, 2011: The failed attempt at survival by the stranded airplane crash survivors shows style in coping with hopelessness, embracing fears and fighting for life.
  • Scarface, 1983: Al Pacino's character, Tony Montana's motto "The World Is Yours" defined his lifestyle and his personal code of no women, no kids defined the limits of his ruthlessness which led to his death.
  • Serpico, 1973: Another Pacino movie which shows him as the title character that enjoyed jazz, blues, ballet but also was honest and good at being a police officer.
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