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Men's fashion protocol 101

Men's fashion makeover

To avoid second guessing yourself, My Image Expert has compiled a list of circumstances that every man is sure to face more than once in his lifetime. Some circumstances may require you to dress a specific way or adhere to a certain dress code while others like a first date, don’t come with dress code rules or regulations. Your image is what people notice the moment you step foot into the room. So whether it is an interview, job promotion, wedding, dinner party, daytime formal event, concert, wine tasting, or a first date; make sure you are dressed to impress for every occasion.

My image Expert has been providing men's fashion makeovers for guys that simply need to upgrade their style and image. The expert image consultants all agree that the first step to a successful appearance falls under one simple rule: It is always better to overdress then undress. Many places and people will ignore a man wearing sneakers, t-shirts, or frumpy jeans. So never under estimate or second guess the power of personal appearance. If you walk in to a store or a restaurant, you are sure to recieve favorable treatment when you appear well groomed and attractively dressed. This applies for most situations and events where first impressions are crucial. A men's fashion makeover will hep you understand how to dress for every occassion. Follow these simple fashion rules to make the power of personal appearance work for you!

  • Weekend Breakfast /Brunch- Summer weekends are super casual. That does not mean that you should roll out of bed in your flip flops and ripped up Abercrombie shorts from college! Make sure you are showered, clean, and groomed. The last thing anybody wants to do is eat brunch across the table from someone who smells like alcohol or body odor from an unwashed shirt. Try wearing a khaki short with a crisp button collar sort sleeve shirt and a leather sandal. White and light pastels colors are great for daytime casual affairs. Hugo Boss and Ben Sherman both make fitted short sleeve cargo shirts.
  • Afternoon Lunch date – if it a business or social meeting during lunch hours you will be forced to wear what you came to work in. However, every man should have a sports jacket, tie, or suit stashed away in the office for immediate backup. You never know where the day will lead you! Having these items at work is very convenient, especially when the boss offers to take you out for lunch or you just happen to spill your morning cup of coffee down the front of your shirt.
  • Weekend Lunch Date – Weekend lunch is just as casual as afternoon coffee. People usually meet for lunch in the middle of day when they are in between activities. The phrase, “let’s grab lunch,” has been coined as a casual form of expression. That’s’ why “grab” or “get” is used. They are verbs that show action and grabbing something happens pretty quickly. So keep it casual. Jeans and shorts are both acceptable. No Flip Flops, try a leather sandal instead or a nice sneaker. In most cases, a t-shirt is acceptable but a crisp polo shirt is a better option. Visit My image Expert for more advice on how to dress for a date night.
  • Flight Status: What to wear on your flight ? Have you ever sat next to someone on an airplane that you found utterly disgusting? Maybe it was the smell of body odor that they knowingly tried to hide with a bottle of perfume or cologne. It could have been the filthy socks they neglected to change that stunk when they decided to take off their shoes in an attempt to get comfortable for the six hour flight to Vegas! Maybe they were just simply too busy to shower after trying to get the last workout in before their beach body debut. If you think that flying first class changes things, well it doesn’t. I flew to London first class a few months ago. My friendly neighbor beside me insisted on taking off his shoes. I couldn't decide which was worse: the smell of his breathe or his feet. It is a problem when you are confined in a small space for a longevity of time with complete strangers. It’s an even bigger problem when you are forced into a small space with shared breathing room along side of someone who is dirty. So do yourself and everyone around you a favor by following the fashion flight protocol. Take breathe mints and arrive well groomed with clean and presentable clothing!


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