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Men put penises in socks and post online to raise awareness of testicular cancer

Testicular cancer is one of the most common cancers in males ages 15-45, however, it is the least known and talked about cancer. Because of this, the Testicular Cancer Society has chosen an interesting way to promote awareness of this disease by having men put their penises in a sock and take photos of themselves and post them on the Internet. On March 25 Buzzfeed shares some of the NSFW photos from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

While many are complaining that they fail to see how a bunch of naked men with socks on their penises has anything to do with raising awareness of testicular cancer, it isn't any worse than some of the campaigns for breast cancer awareness, or other cancers that are in more sexualized parts of the body. The whole point of the campaign is to get people talking and it has certainly done so.

Many women have stated that they feel odd about viewing the photos of these mostly nude men because it makes them feel funny. This is likely because women aren't used to sexualizing men in the same way that men do to women. The topic of testicular cancer is important because if nobody talked about it, then there is no research being done to help find a cure or best plan for treatment.

Men checking their testicles is just as important as women checking their breasts for lumps. The difference is that in this instance, only men can get testicular cancer and both women and men can get breast cancer. To find out more about testicular cancer visit the Testicular Cancer Society or check out the hashtag #cocksinsocks.

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