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Men of Teal deserve equal rights from NHL

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After the NHL realized it might be a creative money-making diversion from their on-ice product, the notorious Green Men of Vancouver have been vilified for their antics by the league.

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The Men of Teal in San Jose have been labeled "copycats" by the Vancouver faithful.

The San Diego Chicken was the first, the Philly Phanatic a copycat? Or maybe just a creative marketing campaign seized by another club realizing the genius in a free-market, capitalistic land of opportunity.

Many, too young, never remember Max Patkin, the prince of pantomime, originator of shtick in sports....granted, I never saw him do a backwards handstand.

Understanding the arenas, the Men of Teal have had restrictions placed upon them by the NHL to limit their enthusiasm as have the Green Men in Vancouver.

Last heard, it was about not touching the penalty box or handstands for "liability concerns." Puhleese....

Understandably, they haven't flashed anything "criminal" to date, but are making the trip Vancouver, sponsored by Barracuda Networks, to flaunt their talents and rival the Green Men in a battle of lycra.....may the best color win.

However, judging by attitude, if flashing regardless of bodypart is a poignent competetive criteria for accomplishment, the Men of Teal win, hands down.

Or up, or sideways, or's about fun and they realize it.

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