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Men lose weight differently than women

Men Lose Weight Differently than Women
Men Lose Weight Differently than Women

There are no two men who have identical chances of success to lose weight. Someone has a crazy metabolism and therefore he has no problem with excess fat, others must find the motivation to start moving and exercising in order to lose weight and preserve health. However, the differences become more drastic if we take into account gender.

Is weight loss really different in women than in men? The answer is yes, and here's why:

• Men have muscles. Women have fat.
Men can build muscle tissue easily, thanks to testosterone and general preferences for exercises and physical activities. This accelerates metabolism of men because muscles consume calories and produce more energy, much more effectively than is the case in women. Women, on the other hand, are naturally prone to fat accumulation.

• Men less swell, have less fat and less water retention.
Water retention is a problem for all women. Surprisingly, men do not have this problem. Their bodies store less fat than the bodies of women, and they do not have to worry about bloated stomach and swollen joints and feet.

• Men talk less, but put more effort.
Men seem to be naturally oriented to achieving goals. They talk less than women,but put more effort. Men are more determined than women to go to the gym and exercise. However, the fact that women are constantly talking about weight loss and diet suggests that their motivation is higher and easier to be maintained, because the whole thing about losing weight becomes a part of their everyday life.

Why do men lose weight easier than women?
Men lose weight easier than women, according to a study of the British organization for weight loss 'Slimming World', conducted on 1.2 million people. For 12 weeks men have lost almost twice as much weight than women.

Here are explanations for why men lose weight faster and easier than women:
- Unlike women, men are more focused on weight loss and do not have a problem with emotional overeating.

- Men can easier resist temptations, while women harder resist cakes. Experts say that the reason for better control and easier weight loss in men lies in genetics and fast metabolism.

- Combination of genetics, emotions, education, environment and culture, influences diet, and therefore the weight loss.

- Brain of man is focused on solving the problem, and once he finds a solution for losing weight, he follows it.

According to researches, it is different with women. They require support and their emotions easily move them from the right path. Women also can harder resist the sweet temptations.

Regardless of the male-female characteristics, it is important to adapt the diet to your own body and to persist in it.

Principles of weight loss are the same for men and women
Although men have some advantages over women, weight loss strategies remain the same for both men and women. Be careful what you eat, drink plenty of water, exercise - whether you are male or female.