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Men: look polished, feel soothed while traveling with Aveeno

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While Aveeno's men's shaving products don't currently come in carry-on 3-1-1 sizes, lots of people travel by other modes of transportation (or they check luggage). Whether you're a man traveling or recovering from travel at home, you'll appreciate a shave that's soothing, not scorching. My husband RoCK was very happy to be hosted to experience it!

The collection has three products:

Face Wash -- it's a fragrance-free creme-gel formulation with a tiny bit of exfoliating pumice type material. That helps keep pores unclogged. Don't worry, it's very gentle. Keeps you smooth, too!

Men's Shave Gel -- Though unscented, with natural colloidal oatmeal, I detect a faint almond nose. It's a true gel consistency that whips up fluffy when touched. It helps give a close, movie-star like shave.

Men's After Shave Lotion -- It's true, many men skip applying after shave lotion as a final step . . .but they shouldn't. Aveeno's isn't greasy; it absorbs easily and soothes. It gives a healthy look and feel for 24 hours, which is great for guys who don't want to fuss with products.

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