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Men-hating feminists show their true colors on Twitter

Radical feminists show how much they hate men
Posted on Twitter by @InclusiveSarah

Extreme radical feminists have gone so far overboard, they are feeling liberated to show their true colors and admit brazenly how profoundly they hate men. They are quick to label men who support true equality as “misogynists” yet they justify expressing statements of outrage hatred of men. Today's extreme feminists think men are entirely unneeded, that men should be banned from being around children (especially girls), and Father's Day should be banned, and basically all men are viewed as rapists or potential rapists. One feminist referred to fathers as “rape instructors.” In once instance, an extreme feminists said that only men can rape. This reminds us of the politically correct far left definition of racism which says that only whites can be prejudiced against “people of color,” but the inverse of that is not defined as racism. How convenient.

Here some examples of some of the tweets, recently reported by Daniel Greenfield, in FrontPage Mag, as tweeted by feminists on Twitter:

@InclusiveSarah tweeted “Men (especially White cis men) are responsible for most of the discrimination and prejudices. #EndFathersDay #YesAllWomen

Amazing hypocrisy on display. Tweet blatant sexism, and then in the same tweet, say means are responsible for most discrimination. Wow.

@TashaPolwright tweeted “#SingleMothersDay #endfathersday because who really needs a father? Boys don't need a rape instructor.

So fathers are “rape instructors” that boys don't need. Will this prevent boys from going up to be rape instructors themselves?

@DaniellaHerzog tweeted “#FathersDay is so offensive to same-sex parents and single mothers! Stop the #Patriarchy and #BANFATHERSDAY - #YesAllWomen #Feminism

How about writing it this way instead: #MothersDay is so offensive to same-sex male parents and single fathers! Stop the #Matriarchy and #BanMothersDay - #YesAllMen #Masculinism

@InclusiveSarah tweeted “Rape implies power, therefore victims of oppressions cannot be rapists. Consequently, only White cis men can rape. #YesAllWomen #feminism

I had to look up what this term “cis” means to understand these tweets. Here is what I found on wikipedia: “Cisgender and cissexual (often abbreviated to simply cis) describe related types of gender identity where an individual's experience of their own gender matches the sex they were assigned at birth. Sociologists Kristen Schilt and Laurel Westbrook define cisgender as a label for "individuals who have a match between the gender they were assigned at birth, their bodies, and their personal identity" as a complement to transgender.”

Basically, cis men are those who choose to remain normal heterosexual men as they were born. So much for the politically correct concept that there are any men that are born anything but heterosexual, other than the rare few born with both sets of sexual organs.

Responding to many push backs on her obvious hatred of men, @TashaPolwright tweeted “For those accusing me of being anti-male, I'm not. I only want to make men more acceptable to society. #HRTforBabyBoys #EliminateTestosterone

As I understand those hash tags, baby boys should get hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to replace their testosterone with estrogen to transform them into transgendered females, and grown men should be castrated to deny them their testosterone. That's really enlightened, it gives the term “New Castrati” a whole new meaning.

Then she also tweeted “We're here and we're not going away. Our ideas are the future. We cannot have equality unless men are taken care of.

As long as men are actually men, they say we can't have equality. I suspect it's likely that “taking care of men” means castrating them.

The same brilliant @InclusiveSarah also tweets “Hate groups should be outlawed. Hate speech is not free speech. #NoMRA

The hashtag is a reference to Men's Rights Activists. So men can't stand up for their rights, and call out these haters on the extreme feminist left for their hate, but yet these wackos can call for the banning of Men's Rights Activists, which they call hate, while continuing to express their extreme hate.

The extreme feminist left can't just be sexist but has to be racist as well. @taniatuff tweeted “#TeamBlackBoys – Time to phase whiteness out, ladies. The human race needs diverse babies;)

So whiteness itself has to be eliminated in favor of colored or mix-race babies only, called “diverse” babies? What's next, eliminating manliness via genetic engineering until all men look and sound like pajama boy and Mr. New Castrati?

Liberalism really does equal Hypocrisy. And it is a mental disorder as well. Do you need any more evidence? The go ahead and click here to read all the Tweets re-published by Daniel Greenfield on FrontPage Mag.

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