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Men getting fooled!

Sad Clown
Sad Clown

So it’s April 1st, and we all know what that means right? The Master’s is just around the corner! Oh and yes, it’s April Fool’s Day. And speaking of that, I just saw Brian Tracy, the sales and success guru, bestselling author and speaker, and he touched on something that we’ve all been fooled by over the last couple of decades. Tracy said that nobody talks about the value and need for hard work anymore. Think about it for a second. How did that land on you? Even sounds old fashioned and outdated, doesn’t it?

He’s right too. Hardly anyone you meet talks about that these days. Where we find ourselves in our society today is a place where we are encouraged to buy, buy, buy, mostly on credit, and then dream about winning a reality show, game show or the lottery to rescue us and pay for it all. Or we spend most of our creative energy looking to be part of the next big IPO, so that once again, that quick fix of big money will make life great. Well men, we’re being fooled big time.

Just because it looks like successful people have made it overnight and on the quick – don’t believe it. Men that have long term success work at it constantly, everyday, fail a lot and keep getting up and back into the fight. Look at the recent housing crisis – it’s a result of people trying to live big without paying their dues. Sure the Wall Streeters need to shoulder a huge part of the blame, but there’s also something very wrong when you’re buying a $600,000 house on a $50,000 salary. We’re a very wealthy nation and sometimes we’re fooled into believing we deserve to have whatever is out there but don’t have to work hard for it. Again, we’ve forgotten or been fooled into that mindset by what we see in the media, movies, etc., and it’s very insidious. But don’t be fooled.

Think about it this way. If you wanted to be a professional golfer, you wouldn’t expect to pick up a bag of clubs, hit balls for six months, and then be on tour? Would you? No of course not. Whatever your personal path is, a big part of your success will be staying the course, day after day, week after week, and year after year. Building your skills, providing great products or services and putting in your time. I can’t think of a better reason to make 2010 the year to make sure you love what you do! Cheers.


  • bret 5 years ago

    what michael had to say about working hard and staying the course rang very true to me. sure, it would be nice to win that lottery ticket, but how sweet would it be to have success on your own terms and a direct result of your own hard work and committment.

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