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Men Embracing Women of Natural Beauty & Transitioning

men and natural beauty

A couple of weeks ago, I conducted interviews on women about their natural hair transition and journey and decided that it would also be interesting getting men's prospective and preferences in regards to natural beauty. Particularly, emphasizing their thoughts and feelings toward women who have or are transitioning from wearing their hair constantly pressed, chemically-processed or covered under wigs or weaves-to wearing their naked natural hair texture.
Conversely, I asked several male friends of mine if they preferred the wearing of moderate accessorized/ accentuated styles such as: the wearing of African styles and hair extensions, eyelashes, nail extension, etc., and why. Finally, I explained that this interview was not about a right or wrong answer but only to get their honest thoughts, opinion, and feelings.

Here are one of the interviews featuring Devon:

Q-Nurtured Naturally ByC: Hi Mr. Devon, thanks for participating and time. I do want to know first of all if you have family and/or friends within your circle/community who are natural beauties?
Devon: I have family members that are natural beauties when it comes to hairstyles and they wear them well. Also they are comfortable with their style of choice.

Q: Overall, are you more attracted to natural beauty or women who wear little to heavy make-up, and a lot of accessories? Elaborate?
Devon: I am OK with make-up as long as it's not laid on a woman face thick - it should not be so noticeable on her face.

Q: Tell me, in regards to natural hair styled women, do you prefer natural textured-hair women or women who frequently/always wear their hair chemically-treated (relaxed/permanents) and covered with protective styles as weaves or wigs.
Devon: When it comes to hairstyles, I really do not like the weave - natural hair is the best because it's different than the norm, it shows the woman embraces her culture. Women knows she can be beautiful without it being chemically treated. To answer the question.. I prefer women to wear their hair naturally.

Q: Would you be supportive if your woman/wife/sister/daughter/mother decided to go natural, and how?
Devon: My wife and daughter are already natural when it comes to hairstyles.

Q: What would turn you off about natural beauty or natural textured hair?
Devon: Nothing turns me off about natural beauty or natural texture hair.

Q: Do you feel that a woman who wears her hair natural looks better with make-up? Elaborate.
Devon: I would say that a woman makeup highlights her natural hair.

Q: How would you react if when the next time you saw your wife/woman, her is natural but the last time you were with her, her hair was either relaxed or always straight, weaved or covered with a wig?
Devon: My reaction would be caught off guard at first but I love the natural look on my wife and daughter.

Q: If you had to choose your favorite natural hair style for a woman, what would it be?
Devon: My natural favorite hairstyle for a woman would be the coils. I like the way the Afro-look with coils look on a woman.

Q: Do you think some men have difficulty embracing natural kinky or coily textured-hair due to the self-hatred taught to African Americans…in this country during and after slavery, and the influence of Westernized views that correlates with social acceptance of what’s considered beautiful?
Devon: I really do not think men find it difficult if a woman wears her hair naturally. Men are more mesmerized with a woman body than her hairstyle.

Q: Finally, what advice or affirmation would you give a young girl or female teen to help boost her level of self-esteem about loving her natural hair texture and image? Devon: It would be difficult to give advice to a teen about wearing her hair natural because she is influenced by her peers who wears a weave. It takes courage for a young lady to wear her hair naturally. My daughter started at the age of 15 because her hair was breaking from perming it, so she decided to let it grow naturally. Three years later she still embraces the natural look.

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