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Memphis zoo bans woman: Bizarre visitor jumps fence to feed lions crackers, sing

Memphis zoo forced to ban woman for feeding lions
Memphis zoo forced to ban woman for feeding lions
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A Memphis zoo bans a woman after the bizarre visitor actually jumped the zoo fence in an attempt to feed the lions both crackers and cookies. Officials said that the woman has henceforth been barred from visiting the local Tennessee site, while other zoo goers who witnessed the strange scene said that the woman was “bizarre,” even trying to talk and sing with the wild lions as well. United Press International provides the scoop on this weird news story this Tuesday, June 24, 2014.

One of the most basic rules at all zoos is not to feed the animals, but one Memphis zoo was forced to ban a woman because she was not only trying to give crackers to lions, but had actually jumped the encircling enclosure and was singing to them. Visitors were surprised and soon horrified to see the woman leaping over the protective barrier this week to try and feed the beasts (safe to say, the bits of food weren't animal crackers).

The bizarre lady has not had her identity revealed, but a photo of her has been given to all Memphis zoo personnel in order to keep her from entering the area in the future. Witnesses to the event this week said that after the woman had hopped the fence in order to get closer to the lions, only a thin wire stood before her and the great cats.

"[She was singing] some song that was telling how much she missed them. It was bizarre," witness Michelle Beasley told a local news station. "I've never seen someone singing to a lion. It was really loud."

According to FOX News, this isn’t the first time that such a weird news event regarding this woman has occurred. Apparently, the suspect in question was given a strict warning about not to disturb the lions, including trying to feed them. She was said to be spotted within the last month trying to chuck crackers over the protective barrier and into the lions’ area within the zoo. When park officials stopped her, she continued trying to sing to get the large cats' attention. The woman has since been banned for life.

"Last week she was noticed by our security staff throwing objects into the lion exhibit; at that time she was asked to leave the zoo," Memphis Zoo spokeswoman Abbey Dane noted in a public address. "She was asked to leave the zoo permanently. She will not be granted access to the zoo anymore."

Speaking of trending animal stories this week, some New Jersey fishermen managed to capture a live video of a great white shark taking a bold bite right out of their boat’s chum bucket. The fishermen were much more wary than this bizarre woman, however; it’s unlikely that they would be willing to put a hand — or cookies, for that matter — into either a shark’s or lion’s mouth.

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