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Memphis Animal Services euthanizes dog by mistake: Rescue org heartbroken

Rest in peace Josie.
Rest in peace Josie.
Baileys Arms Animal Rescue

The paperwork needed to rescue a young female brown and white pit bull from Memphis Animal Services had been filled out; the group's volunteer was to pick Josie up on Valentine's Day and take her to her foster home, but the dog was accidentally euthanized by the shelter reported the Facebook page of Baileys Arms Animal Rescue.

"I went to Memphis Animal Services to pick sweet Josie up to go to our vet and get her started on her treatment. Unfortunately when I arrived I was advised that even though she was ADOPTED by our group. Even though the proper holds and notes were in the computers . Even though a big bright green paper was in her card holder with Bailey's Arms name on it and red marker stating ADOPTED she was accidentally euthanized by the staff of Memphis Animal Services. This dog --- JOSIE was not a number she was a beautiful momma dog without pups that was loved and wanted."

According to wmctv, the Memphis Animal Services Administrator James Rogers stated there was confusion, and it was human error that Josie was euthanized by mistake.

Sadly Josie's kennel had been marked with a green tag showing that she was adopted. The information in the computer showing that she had been adopted had also been noted, but Josie was never removed from the euthanasia room, and died the same morning she was to begin her new life.

Rogers now says a new procedure is in place to ensure this kind of tragedy doesn't happen again. The euthanasia list will be filled out in the mornings, and all dogs that have been adopted will be moved to separate rooms.

It's too late for Josie. Rest in peace beautiful young dog.

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