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Memory foam mattress vs. Spring Mattress

When it comes to memory foam mattress vs. spring mattress, the majority of people find it hard to decide which one is better. This is the reason why I decided to come up with an informative guide detailing their respective pros and cons. It’s not that any of these 2 mattresses types are bad, both of them have different qualities and it entirely depends on your set priorities regarding what suits you and serves you the best. If you have the same confusion in your mind, let me detail the qualities of both the mattresses to give you a clearer picture.

Memory foam mattress being temperature sensitive adjusts itself according to your body temperature and keeps you warm, while spring mattress doesn’t possess this quality. If you are a sweating sleeper or residing in a hot climate area, then the warmness of a memory foam mattress may irritate you and you will feel more comfortable on a spring mattress.
Spring mattress, as its name shows, possesses a number of springs inside to give a soft and spongy feel while memory foam mattress comes with firmness supporting the pressure points. The springy feature of spring mattress makes you feel good and lets you relax in bed but if you have back soreness or muscle aches, this mattress is not your cup of tea. As the suppleness of spring mattress doesn’t support the pressure point of your body, it fails in providing pressure point relief contributing to back aches and muscle pains. On the other hand memory foam mattress with specialised technology has the ability to conform to your body giving additional support and relief to pain points.

Memory foam mattress contributes to spinal alignment letting you sleep in a comfortable posture while this feature is missing in spring mattress as its bouncy surface doesn’t provide an even support to your body. If you look at the picture below you can see how a memory foam mattress distributes weight equally across your body, whereas a spring mattress doesn't.

Spring mattress has a bouncy surface; making your body spring back when you turn over. On the other hand, memory foam mattress unlike spring mattress doesn’t let your body fling when you turn over while sleeping. Also if you share your bed with someone, using a memory foam mattress will cause less disturbance to your partner when rolling over or changing sides.

As durability is an important factor when it comes to talk about memory foam mattress vs. spring mattress, let’s measure the reliability level of both the items. I have gone through a number of research studies and customer reviews and found that memory foam mattresses are more durable as compared to spring mattresses. Spring mattress starts losing its support after a year or so while memory foam mattress stays with the same consistency for years.

As far as the price range is concerned, memory foam mattress is comparatively expensive and spring mattresses are available at very reasonable prices. There are memory foam mattresses available at a cheaper price but they lack quality materials used in their construction, so you must be aware of this issue when shopping around.

As spring mattress is supple and bendable, you need to rotate it after every 3 months to prevent it from permanent body impression. Memory foam mattress with its firm surface doesn’t need to be turned around.

Delivery can also be an issue. Most memory foam mattresses, nowadays, come vacuum packed which means it is quite easy to take the mattress to a room of your choice and unroll it, or even keep it in storage if you wish to do so. Spring mattresses come flat so taking it upstairs can be awkward.

A quality mattress is very important to avoid health related issues. A wrong selection of mattress can lead to disturbed sleep, muscle stresses and back pains. If you want to enjoy a healthy life and sounder sleep, do not compromise on the quality of your mattress. A quality mattress may cost you more but will serve you for years keeping you fit and healthy. You should also learn the maintenance and cleaning methods of mattresses so that you can easily remove stains from your mattress without harming the product.
You are always welcome to contact me, if you have any query or need further assistance.

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