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Memory bears created with you in mind

Call today for your custom bear!
Suzi Loeffelholz

As stated a few days ago, Suzi Loeffelholz creates Memory Bears. These custom teddies serve many purposes, none the least of which is keeping the ‘memory’ of a loved one with you after they have departed this Earth.

The Bears can also serve as a living memory for people and be given for such purposes as holidays, graduations, weddings and anniversaries. People are continuously purchasing stuffed animals of one type or another, but none are as special as what Suzi makes them out to be.

For starters, this woman is truly charitable at heart. Instead of charging an arm and a leg for this custom product which she pours her heart and soul into in order to make is special for you, her bears begin at a mere $50 and then you can spend up from there (with custom clothes and accessories to boot!).

Loeffelholz lives in a western suburb of Chicago and from only word-of-mouth sales, has sent her Memory Bears to live as far away as Colorado and California. Of course she has the custom-made beauties all around Chicagoland, including Chicago West. And everyone that is a lucky recipient of her self-devised creations cherish them; the bears allow them to dispose of a mass majority of ‘things’ from the dearly departed because they have that one special memento that strikes a sweet chord in their heart.

Although Valentine’s Day is only about two weeks away, Easter is coming up. You may be able to establish a personal consultation with Suzi Loeffelholz and get a Memory Bear started for a person that you love (or for you for that matter!).

Suzi never begins her creations until she knows each heartfelt story. Then she incorporates that story into the Bear. Perhaps the cloth comes from a special blouse or a raggedy old loved pair of jeans, it doesn’t matter – what does matter is the memory it creates for the recipient. The Bears are created with each individual in mind and to display that they were created for love and with love, a stitched heart appears on one of each bear’s paws. Loeffelholz believes in the theory that each person chooses to be happy; that happiness is not a right but a privilege and she exemplifies this in each Bear she creates.

If you are interested in giving or receiving this special, one-of-a-kind, gift of love, do not hesitate to call Suzi Loeffelholz at or phone her at 630-551-4418.

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