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Memories and Legacies

Once we reach 50 plus, we start to think about our lives, what we've done, and have we made a difference? When the founders of "Our Family Legacy began to think about their lineage, and talk about who did what, where they came from, and wanted to document their roots, they came to understand that they really knew very little about the family. Surely, they had memories of their own childhoods, but little else about the family. They knew their grandparents came from the "old country", but when, and how, and where did they settle, and what did they do for a living.

Memories of childhood experiences, like watching the grandparents as they made home made sausage, and listened to grandpa play the violin. They vaguely recalled that he was a musician. But where did he play, how often and with whom?

Memories of their own parents. They recalled that Dad was a laundry man, and Mom worked in some lab processing what?? Where did they go to school? Did they finish high school, and did any of their siblings, or them even go on to college?

Memories of relations. Wasn't Uncle Ben a police sargent? Did he distinguish himself in service to the city of Chicago? Or was he in the military? Did he serve in the Second World War??

So then, we begin to understand about memories and legacies, and how the memories are necessary to create and record the legacies.

Do you understand how valuable these memories will be to generations to come? Can you see how important it is to record and preserve them?

Our Family Legacies is a company with offices in Colorado and in Arizona and they can help you do just this. Time consuming , yes, Valuable , yes. But it needs to be done, and done now.

Our Family Legacies can help you create a professinal video DVD, or create a booklet, or book itemizing facts, and telling your story to create a timeless and valuable gift for your heirs. Leave your mark on history. Find out how at (not com). Do it now, and then call one of the professionals and discuss how to get started. Your grandchildren will love you for your thoughtfulness.


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