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Memorializing a Dying Mother Earth

Would you eat this?
Would you eat this?
Brian P. Doyle

May the memories of our loved ones make this a Happy Memorial Day and weekend. May the memories of a less turbulent earth and simpler times in our lives allow us to remember our true Mother and giver of life. May we mindfully cradle her with love as she diminishes before our eyes due to the human condition of overpopulation and over-consumption. May we try more than we don't in learning to be more socially and environmentally conscious and be just in our resolutions toward all that are effected. Today,can I walk the walk as much as I talk the talk and not be part of the confusion plan that many know has been implemented to keep us against each other in our beliefs and politics. May I continue to want the enlightenment and not the stifling of what is according to what the human race states is and should be. May I wish this for those that still hold onto their line in the sand and will fight for it while truly just following the ill fated system and its plan to control and collect from its drones that goosestep into a mindless daily plan that allows us to race the species into a quicker demise. May I continue to breathe peace and love and cease fighting anyone or anything so my mind stays clear and available to all that is. I have been given a gift to be a vessel to share many messages of hope, may I continue to be enlightened for I know that more will be revealed to me and all that choose to hear their word and find their IT.

Peace and love to our Great Mother Earth and all of its inhabitants including the one that I have been given the opportunity to grow in.

May the peace of this day and those that come bring you to your truth not any others