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Memorial service turned into campaign?

Together we thrive
Together we thrive

At last nights memorial service for those killed in the tragic Tucson shooting you may have noticed many wearing t-shirts with a slogan. “Together we thrive, Tucson and Americans” was the theme reminiscent of campaigns past. It was printed on passes and other memorabilia at the event.

This was a memorial service. Too many times we see politicians use these tragedies to promote an agenda. Hopefully this was not one of them but Americans will sadly forget once campaigns fire up again. The great review team here at Examiner will say this article doesn’t affect you. They believe Cleveland, Ohio citizens do not vote. This story has every piece required by the review team to publish. It has the facts, it’s local, and the people deserve to know the truth.

We lost many great people on Saturday and such a tragedy should never be used to push an agenda. The truth should also never be hidden from the public. The parents of the little girl asked that her death not be used to push agendas. Have some respect. Will the AP photo even be shown?


  • Kirt 4 years ago

    I love your style Mr. Rule. Fight the man!

  • Profile picture of Robert Rule
    Robert Rule 4 years ago

    You be the judge

    Dear Robert Rule,

    Thank you for publishing your recent article Memorial service turned into campaign?.

    You designated it as news, but, unfortunately, our review team has determined that it does not meet our criteria for a news story.

    Although you cannot resubmit this story, when designating a story as news in the future, please consider:

    * Is the story based on information made available in the last 72 hours?
    * Is the story reporting facts rather than conveying an opinion?
    * If the story is on an upcoming event, is the event relevant to enough people to be a news event?
    * If you are a local Examiner, is your story sufficiently local?
    * Does the story simply copy information from a press release?

  • Lisa 4 years ago

    This is bullsh*t! Why are they censoring you?

  • John 4 years ago

    How do these people to expect to get off the ground if they are hiding good info like this? lmao! You gave the facts. Are they idiots? Maybe their liberal like the other news agencies. I'm gonna spread this brother, thanks!

  • Ginny 4 years ago

    Time to boycott the sponsors!

  • Mike S. 4 years ago

    They censor you because you tell the truth and they don't like that. The examiner is more like the inquirer. Its all crap.

  • Profile picture of Robert Rule
    Robert Rule 4 years ago
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