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Memorial Park in OKC : renovations are coming along nicely

Memorial Park hatching the pond will have an amphitheatre
Memorial Park hatching the pond will have an amphitheatre

This favorite landmark, Memorial Park is part of the city parks and recreation staples for Oklahoma City. OKCPark project under Dr. Ed Shadid City Council Ward 2 began earlier in 2014, and has closed the park to community use.

Memorial Park renovation plans are pricey, but the results appear to be meeting many needs for the immediate area of park goers.

Things like the park fountain, an art deco multi-tier stucco will remain generally intact

Many things commemorate historic WPA projects these days,

WPA was the Work Project Administration, an attempt to put young people to work in an era when many were out of work, post war. Individuals who signed up, were often given tasks of manual labor, with room and board paid in a dorm situation.

WPA in the 1930's , wages were paid, per Edna Hiersche Martin and Marla Martin Hanley MSW,( EggCups and Oil Wells, 2011) in a $5 pocket money allotment to the worker and $25 sent home to the parents of the young person. Most laboring were unskilled or nominally skilled under the direction of full time federal employees. Many working the projects had never left home, or had experienced dire poverty, and had struggled with depression era life.

WPA developed many community spaces, including city parks and state parks.

Memorial Park completion is expected in 2015. It is unclear if parts of the park will progressively open as they become completed.

Memorial Park is at the far North end of the Asian District in OKC, and is flanked by Helm Farm , Military Park and Central Park Neighborhoods, all thick with bungalow style vintage housing from 1905 thru the 1950's. It also houses a community networking hub, The Neighborhood Alliance for Central Oklahoma and the Boys and Girls Club of Central Oklahoma

Many people were walking pets in the somewhat untended wilderness that the typically highly groomed park is for the July 4th weekend. Pedestrian and cycling traffic continues to increase with improved sidewalks, and the re-routing of the Embark city bus service back on North Classen Boulevard.

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