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Memorial Day Weekend: Remember the Martyrs

The Memorial Day weekend is a sacred time in our country to honor those brave men and women who have served and are serving our country by protecting and preserving the very freedoms far too many Americans take for granted. There are many events scheduled throughout the DFW area to celebrate and commemorate the many sacrifices made and being made by our servicemembers.

"Quo Vadis" dramatizes the price paid for religious freedom.

I propose that as we settle into the various activities schedued for this weekend, that we not only remember our secular heroes, but that we remember also our Christian heroes who gave their lives that we might enjoy the religious freedom we enjoy today. The thought came to me as I watched the spectacular movie "Quo Vadis" on TCM recently.

That movie reminded me of the price paid by those early Christian martyrs who gave their lives for their nascent faith. It was in their deaths, brutal as they were, that so many people found the strength and courage to live for Jesus the Christ and in so doing glorify God. A good list of these early martyrs can be found at Wikipedia.


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