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Memorial Day Veterans Benefit at Shorty's Saloon

Gypsy Saints and The Discarded-slide0

As mentioned in the previous article; the Benefit season is here. Metalhed's are always fighting for a cause. Weather it is cancer or veterans, or kids, Metalheds turn out to support. This last weekend was no different. Rich Cesler of the VFW, coordinated, with some help from his friends, Steve and Pinto, a veteran memorial benefit live music function. Ok Ok Everyone is having a benefit for the vets this memorial day. Not so true. If you live in America and know a veteran, your life has been touched by this incredible group. These veterans show up and get things done. Metalheds and Country folk are not so likely to get along in a bar setting. Turns out with a common cause even we can get along.

Rich, and the group from the VFW set up all kinds of music and fun for all of the visitors to the event. As a metalhed we can say the reporting available is from the rock and metal shows that were held Friday and Saturday night. Gypsy Saints took the stage like the road pros they are and turned out an AMAZING set!. Check out the pictures in the slide show. The Discarded took the stage feeling a little bit intimidated by the giant sound of the Gypsy Saints. But they found their own by the end of the set to end the night. The turnout on Friday night was amazing as well. Large crowd of all kinds of people. Was an honor to be around so many war vets and peace vets in such a multicultural event. Everyone was so tolerant and giving. The feeling of the night was "Serving to serve". WWII and Korean veterans as well as Vietnam and Iraqi veterans. Afghan veterand and peace time protectors. Some stayed till the last note was played. So proud of all of the service men and women who set up, donated, played and just showed up for this First Annual Event. With all that had to happen to make this event even happen Thank you Rich, Steve, Pinto, and all of the bands and Veterans who participated and benefited from this event.

Check out more next week in part 2.

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