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Memorial Day, Veterans and the Town Criers

Town Criers in St Augustine FL on Memorial Day 2014
Town Criers in St Augustine FL on Memorial Day 2014
TCC Staff

May 26, 2014

 Yvonne Heikkinen on 5-26-14 in St Augustine FL
TCC Staff

Memorial Day, Veterans
and the Town Criers

Today, the Town Criers appeared on the streets of the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida to honor our veteran’s contributions to preserving liberty in the “Land of the Free”. The Town Criers are a committee of the Saint Augustine Tea Party. [See “A look at Town Crier’s history” August 26, 2013 at

Yvonne Heikkinen, pictured left, is a frequent participant in Town Crier activities. She has a long connection with the military, as her family is a military family with extensive service in the U.S. Navy. So, today was a special day for her. Yvonne produces the costumes which members of the Town Criers wear as they perform their duties. For this special occasion, Yvonne created a new outfit for herself and produced signs encouraging the public to support and appreciate the efforts of our veterans. This is particularly appropriate with, yet, the latest scandal regarding the Veteran’s Administration. Mrs. Heikkinen often passes out miniature American flags to the young people she encounters. Today she requested that, in honor of our veterans, we carry the flag that they have so honorably defended. Normally, the Town Criers carry the revolutionary Gadsden flag. According to a Town Crier, this is not out of disrespect for the flag of our Country. It is a form of protest against the politicians who wrap themselves in the flag and so dishonorably serve our Country. In honor of our veterans, today, the American flag and the Gadsden flag flew side-by-side. There were veterans on St. George Street who identified themselves by wearing their combat ribbons. The Town Criers were honored to greet them and to thank them for their service. One particularly touching scene was that of a Vietnam Vet, a Marine sergeant dressed in full uniform. A woman, upon seeing him, “teared up” as she recalled her own father, who was killed in Vietnam. “Unfortunately, many of the people saw today’s holiday only in terms of a three-day weekend, “a Town Crier commented.

Memorial Day marks a special Anniversary

Memorial Day weekend marks a special anniversary for the Town Criers. On Memorial Day weekend 2012, the Town Crier Committee made the decision to reject political correctness, once and for all. On May 26, 2012, a sign, which was later called “The Big Red Sign”, was introduced in the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida. The sign simply declared, not name calling here, that “Obama is a Communist”. The original sign, pictured above, was tattered from extensive use and exposure to rain. This sign was carried on Memorial Day 2012, through Election Day in November. The first time it was exposed to the public, the Town Criers had some reservations as to how the public would accept such a bold but truthful statement. The person who carried a sign said, “If the public was unwilling to accept such a bold statement about the man occupying the White House, I was prepared to fold it up and place it in the nearest trashcan. However, the sign was an immediate success. The public loved it!” Back then, a Crier recalled, “Some people refused to admit that their president was a Communist and would say ‘No, no. He’s a socialist’. This was particularly true of Republicans. The Democrats held us in contempt for exposing the truth.” On October 20, 2012, Joe Biden gave this sign a thumbs-up as his limo passed. The Town Criers were embedded with a bunch of Obama supporters who were carrying signs stating “Forward”, which has long been a marching slogan for the Communists. [See ]. “Biden’s thumbs-up gives you an idea of how comfortable Biden is with Communism,” a Crier stated.
Today, by a margin of 9 to1, those engaging the Town Criers, accept the statement as fact. That is, that Obama is, in fact, a full blown Communist in every leftist policy he pushes. Pictured in the slideshow are some of the signs that have been used over the last two years. In fact, upon seeing the “Big Red Sign”, many people expand on its statement. “He is not only a Communist, he’s a racist, a Muslim, a lying SOB who needs to be impeached now,” a man from Ohio shouted!