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Memorial Day tribute to Veterans

A Military tribute to veterans for Memorial Day
A Military tribute to veterans for Memorial Day
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Flags are flying at full staff at the start of Memorial Day weekend, to be dropped to half-staff on Monday in remembrance and honor of those who gave their lives in military service to our country. Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day was first observed following the civil war. Some celebrate the weekend with cookouts, shopping, gatherings of family and friends, and any number of different ways.
58,272 never returned home from the Vietnam War that was fought from 1959-1975. After fighting and experiencing some returned home maimed and mentally wounded, never to be the same. And one of the worst travesties of all was the unwelcome greeting many received upon arrival and beyond. For far too long, these veterans were ignored, not honored.
As a mother or twins and son in law serving in the Marine Corps, I have a greater appreciation of our military and sacrificial and disciplined lives they are dedicated I am thankful that while they have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, they returned home safe and sound. I can’t even begin to understand the pain and utter devastation of losing a child or loved one in a war zone. Taking a moment to honor and remember the sacrifices of so many seems so insignificant in light of what they have given, in order that we may be free.
Recently, over 40 veterans died awaiting medical care at the Veteran’s Affairs Healthcare systems in Phoenix, Arizona, while prisoners at Guantanamo Bay can be seen on the same day. The Bible says that piety begins at home. (I Timothy 5:4) While I am not against “doing good to our enemies,” as the Bible instructs, it’s wrong to provide better care for the imprisoned terrorists than for our honored veterans.
According to some estimates, there is one staff member for every 1.5 prisoners at Guantanamo, while there are 35 US veterans for every staff member at the VA hospitals. So while Shinseki claims to be extremely mad, nothing has been done as yet to correct the problem. Many are demanding an investigation into the matter. Some have come forward and made claims of incompetence, drug abuse, etc.
I, for one hope that our veterans will receive the care they desperately need and deserve. After all, it’s the very least we can do as a nation, to provide the care that these veterans earned while serving our nation.
As we honor and remember those who died serving our country, may we join the fight to ensure that our veterans receive the medical care they need.

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