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Memorial Day Relfection

A time to reflect
A time to reflect
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Many are enjoying a day off from work with grill outs, a day at the beach, or just plain relaxing in many different ways. Some will visit gravesites of the fallen and loved ones.
Memorial Day was started as a day to reflect and remember those who had died fighting for the freedoms we so richly enjoy. It later came to include remembering all who had passed on from this life.
“Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13 (JKV)
That verse was of course referring to the sacrifice Jesus laying his life down for the forgiveness of sins for all mankind; the greatest freedom needed. But it also brings into focus the great sacrifice some in the armed forces have made and are willing to make, if duty so calls.
So many gave their lives preserving the freedoms we sometimes take for granted. They envisioned/envision a cause greater than themselves as they fought/fight for the constitutional rights that are under attack by the current administration and others in office. In fact, their religious freedoms are under attack.
We can remember and honor them by doing our part as citizens in standing alongside them for the rights we’ve been granted, but are quickly being taken away through legislation by those who don’t believe in “that old antique piece of paper,” known as the Constitution.
Freedom is not free; it’s priceless and has been costly! May this day not slip by without us reflecting, remembering, and honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice fighting for freedom. And above all, pray for our armed forces, their families, and for our nation.

A heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation to all our armed forces!

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