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Memorial Day – Recent wars have claimed 8,199 lives – Iraq and Afghanistan

"May we always remember those who came home with our flag draped over their caskets - may we always honor them and the flag.
"May we always remember those who came home with our flag draped over their caskets - may we always honor them and the flag.
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If you lost someone in these recent wars, post their photo’s here so that we can look into the faces of those who gave their all. Post them so that we can honor them.

There will be many stories this weekend about dogs, American Idol, and Dancing with the Stars and celebrities who do drugs and get into trouble; and many thousands will pause to read about them; how many will stop to honor our fallen soldier’s this weekend with a true and sincere heart?

Since the foundation of this great nation soldiers have given their lives to make and keep her free.

If you have a loved one who gave their lives for our nation, please at least post their name at the end of this article and then send it forward.

Bow your head, bend your knees and lift those hands in prayer for those who did not hesitate to give their all for the country they loved. Pray for the families of these the bravest of the brave; and may their sacrifices (and memories) be burned into our hearts forever as we all work hard to restore America to her former glory.

They died for Old Glory and may she ever wave over the land of the free and brave. And may we not ever seen another Old Glory draped over the casket of yet another soldier; who died for an un-thankful country.

We, as citizens, need to live for that glory; and hand it on to our children. We need to start by throwing out every elected official who does not support and honor our military men and woman.

On this Memorial Day, enjoy the holiday; but pause to remember why we have it – to honor those who died in all the wars of America since that little rag tag Colonial army stood against the world’s most powerful army of their time; and with their rakes, shovels, and muskets they made American free.

All those who died in all the wars after and have kept America free – may we all be worthy of those sacrifices; and use that freedom in the ballot box, via e-mail, My Space, Face Book, at work in the coffee room, on the athletic field in the locker room, in corporate America in the board room; and most of all in the secret rooms of our hearts where we go to God in prayer.

To all those who have died – may you continue to rest in the arms of the angels, until the last trumpet shall sound, and we shall all be caught up in a cloud to our awaiting Savior who gave His life that we might be eternally and spiritually free.

It was so aptly said, “Only two people have stepped forward to give their lives for you and me – Jesus and the American soldier – they represent all the branches of the Armed Forces – every religion, ethnic back ground, race, creed, and color. Jesus represents a total sacrifice of love to mankind for the assurance of eternal life. John 3:16

If you can look into their faces and say, “You did not die in vain, I will do all that I can to make America worthy of your sacrifice, I will remember you and I will honor you until the day I die,” then you are a true American.

Look them in the eye and say:

“I will teach my children of your sacrifice and bravery; and I will never take my freedom for granted; and I will honor the flag under which you died. I will vote for men and women who uphold the Constitution and who love freedom in the American way.”

“I will sing the great songs, watch the sad videos, I will mourn with your family, and I will stand tall for God and America. I will fight those who wish to destroy our country from within in every way I can - beginning with the ballot box.”

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