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Memorial Day nail art tutorial for beginning nail artists

The above Memorial Day nail art tutorial is perfect for beginning nail artists that want patriotic nail designs for the holiday weekend. Show off pride of country with easy to do red, white and blue nails perfect for you Memorial Day ensemble.

Red, white and blue Chevron tipped nails.
Red, white and blue Chevron tipped nails.
Learn this and other Memorial Day nail art in the attached video.

Barbecues and the unofficial start of summer outings often overshadow the meaning of Memorial Day. Honor those that have fought for this great country by displaying the flag proudly and wearing patriotic colors. As nail art has become the hottest fashion accessory, top off the look with one of the nail designs from the slideshow.

The Hair and Nails Examiner searched for Memorial Day nail art and the sampling was slim this year. The slideshow depicts animated themes of Spiderman and Hello Kitty in red, white and blue and a pretty summer flower, not patriotic, but adorable for the season. The websites where the pictures originated are listed under each photograph. The three basics are courtesy of Gianna with Lancengi and her current YouTube video installment, “Easy Nail Designs for Beginners #1 - Memorial Day.” Every Monday Gianna releases a new how-to video, and this is her first foray into nail art inspired by MissJenFabulous.

Gianna has been posting beauty DIY videos for about five years now. While this professional stylist has been quite vocal against doing hair at home (color and chemical services should only be done in a salon), her basic Memorial Day nail art tutorial was simple to follow with cute designs for the holiday in a video slightly longer than three minutes.

The Memorial Day nail art supplies are as follows, or you could use similar colors from your local beauty store.

  • CND Toughen Up Base Coat
  • L.A. Colors Mega Watt (tan base color) and Live (silver)
  • Sally Hansen Hard to Get white nail polish
  • Wet n Wild Saved by the Blue and Everybody Loves Redmond (red and blue)
  • Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty (silver glitter)

  • Revlon Extra Life No Chip
 Top Coat

The first Memorial Day nail art tutorial, the solid red, white, blue and silver nails, starts with a white base coat to make each color pop. Then apply the red, white, blue, and silver nail polishes with silver glitter accent for manicure number one.

The second Memorial Day nail art tutorial is a Chevron tip in red, white and blue. Manicure number two is prepped with nude polish. Create a V-shape with a nail striper on the tip or about half way up the nail with white, and then add red and blue to the top and bottom respectively.

The final Memorial Day nail art tutorial is a splattered design. Before attempting this look, make sure your work surface is covered. Apply two coats of white polish to start manicure number three. Fill a straw with a drop of red nail polish and blow it out over the nail. Do the same with the blue in the opposite direction. To fill the straw with polish, insert one end in the liquid as your finger closes the other. Release a little air at the top and the nail polish will slide up the straw. Do not suck the nail polish into the straw.

The Memorial Day nail art tutorial is also great for the Fourth of July; especially manicure number three, which is reminiscent of fireworks. Subscribe to this column for more nail art ideas and tutorials to celebrate your favorite holiday.

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